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mums due march 08 Lock Rss

hi all
Im carla and im due 3rd march 2008 with identical twins which we found out we were expecting at 5wks so had few weeks for excitment and nerves to settle, These are our first children. good luck to you all
Hi Carla
We are due in March 08 as well with #2 but we are only having one.
Hope all is good so far
Take Care

Hey girls. I am due on the 28th March with number 5. Pretty spread out they are but all worth their weight in gold. Hope all is going well

Di, 6 kids. 17,15,12,18 months, 8 wk old twins

Welcome Di
I am well today. I haven't had much m/s so far but then again I have in pain with my tooth. I started root canal last week and it didn't go so well. I tried having the tooth pulled on Monday which didn't go so well either. I have been on pain killers 3 - 4 hours for a week and a half. I even had to go to the doctors to get some panadeine forte as I was so much in pain.
I don't like the idea of what its doing to the baby.
Hope all is well
Take Care

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