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Babies due April 08 Lock Rss

Hi Girls.....Thanks Claire for the tip on this thread. I am due on 15th April, I am also feeling very nervous....but going to Gyno/Ob on 30th and hoping he will do a u/s in his room.
Feeling really tired, sore boobs and have phases of nausea just now & then.........What states is everyone in? I am in Sydney. Looking forward to chatting to you all over the next 8 months!

Hi Jakobsmum

I'm in Kalgoorlie Western Australia, i too have sore boobs, nausea and feeling tired all the time, well most of the time starting to ease back alittle bit i suppose. But its all the fun of having a baby. At least if we are having these things we know every thing is going ok.
Hope to be chatting with you again soon.
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What date is your bub due Claire? I think you are just in front of me......

Hi smile

Im due the 26th april. so exciting!! this is our second baby - our first is 22months old...


I'm due around the 6th of April. My ms seems to have gotten alittle better over the last couple of days so happy.
Me again,

Have you guys had any problems with eating, i can seem to eat meat or milk products. Have been taking my multivitamns when i remember too, starting to think this kids going to be a fruit or veg by the end.
Also have you having any strange dreams? i have had a strange dream every night since falling preg.

Hi there,

I have just found out I am expecting again. Not sure of a due date as yet, I am having a blood test on Monday morning. This will be my second, my daughter 'Jada' is 13 months.
I think I am in a state of shock atm, that and I feel like absolute crap lol!
Well you gals take care, and I will update you on Monday afternoon, when I have my EDD confirmed!

lata, Amy!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

Congates Amy on the new bub, I was in a state of shock for a few days when i found out i was expecting as we had been trying for nearly 2 years, was starting to think there was something wrong with me.

Oh Claire about the food!!!! every time i am pregnant my whole taste sensation changes!! I am usually a "Chocoholic, but once pregnant, I can not stand the stuff! Always a bit off meat at the beginning, last pregnancy I couldn't stand lamb......I am finding this time that I am having a love affair with chicken....Usually I don't eat much chicken at all.
I also have been having strange dreams.......MS for me is a bit up & down, most of the time I feel good, but at night sometimes I feel a bit ordinary.......

Congratulations Amy!! Be sure to let us know your Due date on Monday!!

Chicken is the only meat i have been able to stand, and i normally cant stand chicken so thats a little strange for me but yeah im not a big meat eater anyways. I think the worst thing for me is the smells, i seem to be able to smell every thing from miles away, driven me insane, but i perfer that to the ms which seems to have settled down (unless i think about eating meat that is lol). Wonder why your sence of smell is affected so much while preg. Any ideas?

Hope all is well.


[Edited on 25/08/2007]
Claire, can you tell me how to do that thing that tracks how many weeks you are at the bottom of your posts?


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