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What Month Is Your Baby Due?

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Just found out you're pregnant? Are you due in February 2018? Lock

Congratulations! Share your pregnancy journey with us!

19 replies

Well I have just signed back in after a period of not being able to look at anything about babies. Unfortunately our little miracle...

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Did you give birth on your due date? Lock

Predicting due dates is an inexact science. How close to your due date did you give birth?

7 replies

Mine was due Dec 5.. water broke 5 november. Coincidentally the day of our baby shower hahaha. She actually arrived on 10th November


Due December 2017 Lock

Hi, I am interested in joining a Facebook group for anyone due in December 2017 living in Sydney....

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February 2018 ladies Lock

Hi ladies, if you're due in February 2018 we're starting a secret Facebook group so we ...

11 replies

Hi ladies I'm 6 weeks pregnant with Bub number 5. I'm due 26 feb but will have a c section, my 5th ???? So Bub will come a...


march 18 Lock

anyone else due in march 18

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February 2018!!! Lock

Just got a very faint line, Hopefully it gets darker. Anyone else due in February 2018?

4 replies

If any new people see this post we have a secret fb group if anyoone wished to join plead add either myself Claire Louise Hooker or...


Due September 2017 Facebook group! Lock

New Facebook group for Auckland Mums or Mums to be due in September this year for genuine support...

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Pls add me to FB group Lock

Hi, I'm due in sept this year! Could somebody pls add me to the sept due date FB group? Heik...

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Help please Lock

Hi all, I really need some help and hope you don't mind me asking. I am a mum and a psyc...

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Are you due in June 2017? Lock

Share your journey with others!

23 replies

Hi can I join this group on fb? Due on 5th of June... Any day now!

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Due in September 2017? Lock

Just found out you're pregnant? Congratulations! We invite you to share your journey with ot...

36 replies

Hi, due sept too! Can someone add me to the Facebook group please?


August bubs 2017 Lock

Hey Ladies, I'm due end of July or start of august waiting to have it confirmed. Can'...

26 replies

I'm due August 25th this is baby number 4 for me


Coffee group? Lock

Hi I am due with my second in March, and was looking to see if anyone else out there in the Wan...

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Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster Lock

If your baby is due in 2017, he / she will be born in the Year of the Rooster, according to the C...

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First Time Mums 2017 Lock

Hi Ladies, I am due in July and have a few girls in a group on FB for first time kiwi mums. We w...

1 reply

I would love to join x


Any FB groups for babies due in JUNE 2017? Lock

Hi all, I am just wondering if there are any groups for babies due in JUNE 2017? i am in a couple...

9 replies

Hey sounds good, you will need to add me on FB though (you can delete me after if you like) my name is Rach Lou and will have a pict...


Anyone from West Auckland is due in May?:) Lock

Hi, I'm due on 4th of May next year:). Anyone from west Auckland is due in May? I would love...

1 reply

Hey congrats hun I'm due 28th may. We stay in south head.


Any due in April 2017 ladies? Got a vvf line today Lock

Early days but hopeful my rainbow will stick

62 replies

It's a different one and there are a few of us NZ ladies, majority are Australian. It is smaller and a lot more personal


Due January 2017 Lock

Hello! I got a faint bfp at 10dpo today, according to dates I'm due Jan 6th 2017! Any othe...

89 replies

Super late to the party - can I be added to facebook? I'm due January 19th! it's or Kat Andrew on FB


Baby Due in June 2017? Lock

Hi All, I am jumping out of my skin with excitement! My husband and I have been TTC for 10 years!...

6 replies

hi i am due 9th of july 2017 but both my two babies were born a month early so expecting the same with this one would love to join ...


Pregnancy due date calculator Lock

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Due Feb 2017 NZ FB group Lock

We have a FB due date group running for NZ. If you wish to join please post your email that you u...

1 reply

Not sure if this thread is still live but I would like to be added to the due feb Facebook group


Are you due in March 2017? Lock

Share your experiences here!

72 replies

My edd is 11th march but am carrying twins so will be February


Check out these great baby room ideas! Lock

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Interviews about Ultrasound Scans - Australia Lock

Hello, my name is Sarah Cameron, I am doing a Masters of Research at Macquarie University. My res...

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Yay or nay Lock

I love this emoji baby and think it's a great gift for a baby shower. Hubby reckons the litt...

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Due December 2016 Lock

Got a clear bfp this week and due date would be Dec 2. Got bloods done today. Anyone else due in ...

45 replies

Is there any way I could be added to the Facebook group Ive been feeling pretty lonely as this is my second pregnancy but don'...


Due October 2016 Lock

Hi I got my positive yesterday so exciting , I'm due 1st October. Anyone else due in October ?

56 replies

Hi ladies. If you'd like to be added to the FB group, please PM me (Leanne Shelton) and I'll add you! Sorry for the delay ...


Are you due in Feb 2017??? Lock

I got my first BFP three days ago (before AF was due)! So excited! Anyone else due in Feb 2017?

54 replies

Is there any other way to get added to the fb group as have friend requested marielle but haven't been added to the group yet.


due in november 2016 Lock

I just found out and looking for anyone else due around this time. I will be due around the 5th

86 replies

Mel78 wrote: Hi ladies! I'm due 29 November with number 2 and based in Wellington NZ. Would love to join the facebook group - ...


Are you due in August 2016? Lock

Share your journey with others here...

86 replies

Hi, can you please add me to the Facebook group, I, due 1st aug.


Due September 2016 Lock

Early days I know but anyone else just finding out they're pregnant?????? Have set up a Face...

38 replies



March 2016 Babies Lock

Due in March 2016 Babies !

237 replies

Hello all. I ended up having a little boy on the 12th of March, 5 days early. 8 pound 6 ounces, 51cm long. A very quick labour. Didn...


Due June 2016 Lock

Anyone due June 2016 ? i got my bloods back from the Nurse wed and she said i had the right hormo...

134 replies

Hi everyone Im Sharon. Im due June 16 with my 3rd child. I have two boys. Jayden (9) and Cameron (7). This one is a girl Looking fo...


22 weeks Lock

Hi ladies!! Hope its ok to join!! Im 22 weeks and love it... Im due on the 29th April. Was a comp...

4 replies

Although your baby getting heavier every day, her skin still appears wrinkled and translucent because she needs to gain more weight....


First time mums due June/July/August Lock

Hi just wanted to see if there are any other first time mums due June/July/August. Im due end Ju...

1 reply

Hiya! Did you find a group? If not visit to get connected with one


Due 3rd August 2016 Lock

Hi there lovely ladies, I'm just wondering if there were any others out there due on the 3r...

1 reply

Hiya! Did you find a group? If not visit to get connected with one


Looking for mums due the same time as you Lock

Just found out your pregnant and looking for other mums to be to share the journey with? Visit ww...

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**Growing Baby Lampitt**

Due May 2016 Lock

Hi, I can't find a thread for Mums expecting in May 2016. I'm due on the 2nd May (aft...

98 replies

Due May 20th with my first bub. Totally wasn't expecting it or planning it. I have severe PCOS and was on the pill to regulate ...


Delivery date close? Get inspired with these great nursery ideas! Lock

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