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1st time mum like to know more about water birth Rss

id like some help im wanting a water birth and would like some good and bad points any one who has experienced a water birth id like your help
Hi Sam,

I have a 3 1/2 month baby girl. I did not have a waterbirth, though I did use the shower. My opinion is don't count on having a water birth just incase it doesn't happen. I had to be induced so there fore I had a drip attached to me the whole time, so it would of been difficult to have had a bath as I would of had to have my arm stuck out the whole time. I found that if I was laying back anyway during a contraction it made it feel really bad, so I liked standing up or sitting up and leaning over. I know a gilr who was in the bath most of the time but the midwives made her get out when it was time to deliver the baby...
Good Luck, it is an amazing experience..

Edwina, 28 - Sydney. 16 month old girl

Hi Sam

I had a water birth with my first son and would recommend it for any labouring woman. I'm hoping to primarily use water when I go into labour again in a couple of weeks time.

The good points from my first experience were:

1. Drug free pain relief from the warm water.
2. I didn't tear and I think the warm water contributed to it by softening the area up.
3. It's very relaxing.

The only negative point I can think of is:

1. The water might go murky when you're getting close to delivering your bub, so your midwife mightn't know what stage you're at!

Good luck with your decision : )

Jennifer, DS 21/06/03, DS 16/10/05

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