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Birth plans Rss

Is it neccesary to have one? What exactly does a birth plan contain? Just wondering...
I can't answer your question regarding if it is necessary to have a birth plan - I am in the same boat, if you fill one in does it get followed???

I did however find a template on this site under the Pregnancy & Birth tab, then under Your Planning Aids, then select Your Birth Plan. It will at least show you what type of questions a birth plan contains.

Hope this helps - best of luck.

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

I havent done a birth plan yet but I know that I will want pain relief as necesary.

I am absolutely terrified of the pain of labour, and anything that can take the edge off will be a great relief .

I know I know all that stuff about how its bad for the baby and that but how is it good to suffer and not focus and slow it down cos your hurting so bad.

Anyway thats my 2 cents for what its worth ... (not much these days)

Ronan is the boy 26/04/2006

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