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hi there,this is my second baby so i know how bad contraction 38 weeks and i was told i had to be induced because i have pregnancy diabeties and im on inserlin.but the thing is i have never been induced before,so i have no idear.I was only told last week that i have to have one tomorrow and i wasnt told much about it so im abit any advice or your stories would be great.
chat soon...



Good luck, how exciting. Our baby girl is now 4 months old. My waters broke so I went to the hospital and I was told that I was Strep B positive. Seeing as though my waters had broken I was induced with a drip in my arm. I also had a monitor strapped around me to monitor bubs. I thought I would feel uncomfortable with the drip, but you quickly forget about it.
With the drip they started my contractions at about 10 -15 mins apart and then upped the dosage every now and then...
A friend of mine had the gel and it took a while for anything to happen - she was in overnight and then had the gel inserted in the morning. But you never know you could react to the gel straight away..

Good Luck

Edwina, 28 - Sydney. 16 month old girl


I was induced with my second.

They asked me to come in at 5pm to get settled then inserted the gel (on the cervix) at 6pm. The gel softens the cervix, and for me it must of worked because after a night of what was like period pain and constant need to pee, my waters broke at 6:10am my contractions started right away (very full on 90sec contractions with 90sec rest, that was just the begining) and she was born at 8:07am. I gave in and used gas for the last 30 mins because it was so intense.

If my waters hadn't of broken they were going to break them at 9am and then start the drip if the contractions didn't start on their own.

Good luck with the birth - hopefully it all happens quickly.

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

i was induced at 42 weeks i went in for a checkup and was told they were going to induce my that day as my blood pressure was very high (i wish they had of induced my 2 weeks earlier) i went home got my bag and partner and went back it was all a bit of a shock. i had my waters broken and contractions didnt start on their own so an hour later they inserted a drip immedietly my contractions started only 5 minutes apart lasting 1-2 minutes over the next few hours my contractions got a lot stronger and longer and closer together, after 10 hours after the contractions started i had a vaginal exam i was only two cm dilated which i already was when they broke my waters, so i decided to have an epidural, a while later the baby started to have a reaction to the hormones in the drip his heart rate kept dropping whenver they put me back on the drip i was still having contractions without the drip but was told i wouldnt dilate without the hormones(not that i had with the drip in aftere 10 hours) i was told i could go for a c sectiojn now without the big rush or there was a 99% chance that i would have to have an emergency c section later as his heart rate was already dropping. so i oppted for the c section then. well all come out healthy and happy. i know this probably isnt the best story but i think it is better to go in knowing about it, this was my first child so i dont know the difference between being induced and naturally going in to labour, but i was told that when induced the contractions are alot more intense. i just think my little one was happy where he was he didnt want to come out.... 2 weeks late and even inducing him he still didnt come. everyone is different and i hope yours goes well hope to hear how it went and if you have any questions just ask

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

ive been told i may be induced early as i also have gestational diabetes. i am not on insulin, i am controlling it by diet. they told me the baby is a little on the large side, although i myself have been losing weight since starting the new diet. they said they might indude at 38-39 weeks but i dont know for sure what they will be doing. when will i know for sure if they want to induce me or not (i am 34 weeks now) and what complications does the diabetes cause for the labour?
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