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your hospital stay Lock Rss

Just wanted to know how long or short were other womens stays in hospital.

For my first child I stayed in 3 days and 2 nights.
For my second 24 hours.

With my third I want to go home ASAP because I feel more comfortable at home and I want to be with my family.

April 25.09.03 Madeline 20.09.06 Jacqu

Hi. With my first I had her on Tuesday arvo and went home Saturday, so 4 nights. With this one I am hoping to have early release, like you did, and be home within 24hrs if everything goes smoothly. I feel the same way you do!

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i had my dd on tuesday evening and went home the next morning..i have told them this time around that i will stay the min of 6 hours or something n then im outta there! i hated being in hospital so def dont want to be there longer then i have to be!
There is legal requirement or anything like that saying that you MUST stay in hospital. If everything is fine I dont see why you cant go home when you want to be it 6 hours or 3 days.

When I said I was going home after 24 hours with my second child they treated me really rude like I was insluting them.

April 25.09.03 Madeline 20.09.06 Jacqu

Sorry I meant to say NO LEGAL REQUIREMENT

and the word at the end is i n s u l t i n g

April 25.09.03 Madeline 20.09.06 Jacqu

I have had 2 c-sections in the last 2 years so recovery for me is a little slower. Having said that, with my last c/s, I arrived at hospital late Wed night, had DS3 early Thurs morning and went home lunchtime Saturday.

I cannot stand the rock hard hospital beds so I prefer to be home grin

8 with DS, but mainly because it took them forever to sort out the paper work. We were hanging around for a couple of hours waiting to go.

I am aiming for 4-6 this time round.

I am lucky though, I get midwife visits for six week.s

But even if I didn't I would have been out of there that day. I hate hossy and cant sleep with other people around.
Am I the only one who loved hospital?

I plan to stay as long as they'll let me, being waited on hand and foot!

I just hate the beds there KathrynRose. As far as being waited on hand and foot, bring it on! Especially the food, hehehe. It was also harder for me this time round because I had my 12mth old boy at home as well. Luke was born on his birthday so I didn't get to spend all day with him, not that he really knew what was going on.

Not long for you now, are you excited?

I had my son by c/section so was in Wed morning and left Saturday night. My mum (a nurse) was trying to pursuade me to stay longer (like the old school 7 night minimum) but I was just ready to go home and try things on my own, so I left.

This time I intend to stay in as long as I want to, prob at least one night (allowing that I don't have another c/section or have complications) or maybe longer - although I doubt it as DH can't take time off work and DS is 2, so think I'll be home earlier than planned. smile

I don't like the new thing of being able to leave after 6 hours, just seems like not enough time, especially for a first time mum. If I had not had the c/section I think I would have stayed for as long as I felt comfortable, there is so much to take in first time around I think I'd have been completely overwhelmed had I left after only a few hours.

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I think it's stupid of them letting you out if the baby is not feeding well like my daughter. I was still having problems with her feeding, the mid wife came in to our home 3 days after I was released and point blank said if the baby does not put on weight She will have to be taken back to the hospital. * Shona was my partners first bubba* So he was taken back by all this. I was stressed out enough trying to breast feed her and also bottle feed expressed milk comp feed too of formula. But the Mid wife at the hospital was hopping mad that they sent her back to the ward so soon because she was not feeding well at all. Her blood sugars were low too. So how can they judge any complications after only 6 hours. Some in the medical field are bark raving mad to let mothers and baby's out so soon after giving birth, Especially first time mothers. OK i've had my rant hehe..

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I think it depends on the system.

My midwife vistis the day I get home and every day for a week or so, then whenever I want her for six weeks. So any problems are picked up by her.

But in saying that I still would have gone home early without her.

And anyway thats why you got the visit at 3 days to check how you were going.
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