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Raspberry leaf tea Lock Rss

Hi all

Just wondering what peoples experiences of raspberry leaf tea are and where you get it from - I have heard that the ones in the supermarket are no good as it does not contain much of the main ingredient. Also that you start with a cup a day from 32 weeks and increase it as you get nearer.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

hi nixi,
i have had 3 first 2 labours were long, 18hrs. i took along time to dialate. with my 3rd, i took rasberry leaf tablets and had a 5hr labour. i dialated alot quicker. im 2 weeks of having my 4th, and am taking the tablets again.
the tea isnt as strong as the tablets, and i think you have to drink alot for it to be effective. you can buy 2 brands of rasberry tablets, the blackmores, which you need to take more of and the mg per tablet is less than the natures own brand. and they are cheaper. so i take the natures own, and a few extra than is reccomended from about 36weeks. i find that when i start to take them, my braxton hicks increase, and i think thats a good thing as it is preparing you for labour.
so that my experience, and would recommend them to anyone!
Hi Nixi,

Im drinking Raspberry tea and was told from the midwife to do this from 36weeks and not before as it helps soften things up, I have about 3 cups a day, its first bubs so I dont no if it works yet but fingers crossed
I got the raspberry leaf tablets from my chemist and for me it did absolutely nothing, but it may work on others!

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)


I tried the raspberry leaf tea with my first pregancy and it didn't have any affect. I still went 9 days over. Also, I thought it tasted disgusting, LOL

Good luck, Hope it works for you!

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

Hi my girlfriend has had six kids and used rasberry leaf tea on the sixth and reckoned it helped,i recommended to take the rasberry leaf tablets to my neice when she was about 36 weeks as she had really bad lower back and pelvic pain and she reckoned it made the pains go away and she was able to do stuff again ,It says to start taking them at the start of third trimester but when i asked my midwife if i shoud start taking them when i was about 32 weeks she advised me not to take them until 36 weeks because like moodymum said they can make you have braxton hicks ,midwife said since i had my last baby at 35 weeks if i took them before 36 weeks they may bring on labour she said she new of cases where it had. Hope info helps you ,i am 35 weeks now and will start taking the rasberry leaf tablets at 36 weeks .

nature,nsw,3yr old

Thanks for that I am now 31 weeks, so will wait a few weeks before I start taking any tablets. I have never used them before and figure anything that may help is worth a go!

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

At the beginning of my pregnancy i bought the "blackmores pregnancy essentials pack" that had the pregnancy and breastfeeding vitamins, calcium tablets, vitamin e cream, a relaxation cd and the raspberry leaf tablets. on the bottle they say to take them in the last trimester. im now 29weeks so at my last checkup i asked my midwife about them. id also read alot about them. Alot of things said they were great - best thing since sliced bread and that they were really good for speeding up dilation and labour. But i found an equal amount of resources said they were rubbish, a waste of time or an old wives tale. Anyway, my midwife couldn't really say either way. She just said it could just be that the people that have taken them were going to have a naturally short and easy labour anyway and that there has been nothing to either prove or disprove this. She did advised me though DEFINATELY NOT TO TAKE THEM BEFORE 36WEEKS as they have been linked to miscarriage. I dont know much about the tea though but im really glad i asked about it first. I would hate to have started taking them and find out later ive put my baby in danger..

I am planning to use the tablets in this my second pregnancy, My first labour was induced at 11 days over ( they broke my waters none of this gel stuff. I just told them to brake em first up, save all the other hassles.) and it only lasted for 6 hours. But I did have rather bad back pain for a day or so before hand. What is the best brand and is drinking the stuff better than taking the tablets?

Jo, Emily 2/9/04 & Will 13/5/06

My doula explained to me that it builds strength in the uterus muscles, so as they contract to the top, they also help push down... worked for me, but the power of the mind is a beautiful thing... goodluck


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