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Third time round Lock Rss

Hi.. I have just found out I am pregnant with my third child... only about 6 weeks.. i already have two children age 14 and 12 to my ex-husband, this is a new relationship, and is his second child.

Is anyone else on their third? or fourth and can share their experiences such as labour, pregnancy stages and how they differed? Its been 12 years since i did this and its amazing how much you forget....

Pretty exciting this time around, im no longer a teenager!!!!

Hope there is someone out there to share stories with...

Hi there! I am also having my 3rd after a six year break! Currently I am 12 weeks and 5 days. This pregnancy is a little different from the first two, less morning sickness, more tiredness but other than that (and the fact that my tummy is seriously poking out now) I wouldn't even know I'm pregnant. Hope everything is going well for you and we can catch up along the way.

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