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Help me - 33 weeks with 2.9 kg baby! Lock Rss

Hi there,

I just got back from my fortnightly appointment and we had a scan to see how big baby is... to my surprise and the docs she's a lot bigger than usual. I am 33 weeks and she is the size of a 36 week baby - 2.9 kg. I was told i will have to be induced 2 weeks early.

Has anyone out there experienced simular? What happened during labour and birth? I am so worried bout everything now and so i would love to hear your opinions and thoughts etc. to ease my mind a little.

Thanx Heaps smile

Lisa - Due 29th November 2005

hi lisa,
is this your first baby?

Amina, mum of 3 boys 06/03, 03/05, 06/08

hi lisa,
i was induced for my second because i was leaking (amniotic fluid) and was already 7 days overdue. they broke my waters properly, but the contractions werent doing much after 3hrs. so they put me on the drip..synthetic hormone to help contractions. about a half hour later my little boy came to the world!!
the only thing that scared me the most was how fast and strong the contractions were, so he came out in about 4hrs, my first labour went for 22hrs.
being induced can be a bit scary especially first time round, but just make sure you have someone with you that can support and keep you focused.
most importantly even though it can be hard, is you have to listen to the midwife about when to push, hold and breathe but dont push.
in the end the choice is up to you whether you want to be induced or not...... unless there is some risk at going full term for bubs. my cousin went full term and had a 4.5kilo baby and she didnt tear and was drug free.
dont try to be a hero though......if you need drugs ask for them!! lol
good luck and i hope i helped. smile

Amina, mum of 3 boys 06/03, 03/05, 06/08

Hi at 32 weeks I was told my baby was 5 pounds, they predicted him to be 9 pounds at term. I carried to term as he was fully engaged and I appeared to be able to deliver naturally, I got huge in the last weeks and everyone thought I was having twins!
I was induced on my due date as I pushed for this with my doctor, I was in labour for 6 hours and then as I didn't dilate enough I went off for a caesarean, I was so glad as when they weighed him he was 10 pounds! glad not to push that one out!! Don't worry just do what you feel is right, If you want to go early then push for it, it's your body and baby!

Bianca, vic, David 9/8/05, Alexandra 6/5/96

I had a scan at 36 weeks and they told me my son when born would be 8 lbs max, turns out he was born weighing 9lb 9oz. So that is proof that scans can be wrong.

As for inductions, one word 'ouch' it is very painful or it was for me at least.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hi Lisa

I am 20 wks with my second baby and
I could be faced with the same situation as you.

in 2003,
my first son went 2 weeks over and ended up 4.2kg after an induction, epidural,and some assistance with rotation as he was posterior position. he was born some 14 hrs later no pain,(due to our friend mr epidural ).

My OB and midwives at the hospital have all indicated that a 38 week induction may be in order pending what a 36 week scan shows.

I am unsure which way to go as i would like to go into labour without assistance, but if baby is in a posterior pos again and on the lg size ,early induction may be the best choice for me .

As for inductions we all know that the labour experience can more intense but every woman and every birth experience is different and we have various opptions to assist us with the most amazing day of your life, as for the size there is no way i thought i could ever push out a 4.2kg baby,as i am 5ft 3 but i did and i know if i have to do it again i can.

I hope this has been of some comfort to you and look forward in reading how things go.

You are lucky they have picked that up!!!
I had a 5kg baby(2weeks late)
I got induced & had alot of complications.
You will be fine,it will be much better for you and bub,it can get very complicated when they let them get to big!!!
Try not to let it worry you,sounds like bub is doing great and already grown as much as it needs to!!
Good luck

I had a scan at 36 weeks, beacause Doctor thought that I was large for that amount of time, Told me baby was around 6 pounds, she was born 2 weeks later and was 7 pounds 9 ozs

Don't be too concerned, I think that the amount of pain depends on the individual pregnancy not necessarrily the size of baby. Don't get too stressed, just take it as it comes. You might have the easiest birth ever, and anyway it's not all that bad. I had a 21 hour labour and ended up being induced because labour didn't progress, had sky high blood pressure, but did it without any pain relief, and would love to have another one.

Take it easy

Mum to Amber 21/05/04

Go and find out some more about the accuracy of ultrasounds before commiting to be induced-they're no good at all at estimating size, and i've heard of people being told their baby was massive, only to deliver a six pounder. My first baby was 3.6kg at birth, and i have a friend who delivered a 10p11oz baby with no tears-your body can do it! Even midwives will tell you doctors can't just sit and let things happen, they have to do SOMETHING. I'd definitely be getting a second opinion, and trying to find someone who advocates natural birth to get it from. I've had the contraction stimulating drugs for my second twin and they're not nice. I've also had natural and caesar births and caesars are hell, the only people who like them are the people who have only had caesars.
In the end i think the best place for a baby is in your belly until term, good luck with everything, hope it all goes well whatever you decide.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

Half the time they dont know what they are on about,with my 1st baby at 37wks they said she was gonna be 7lb but she was a big 10lb1oz
& the same happed with baby no 2, he was 10lb4oz,so just relax and go with it.


carrie,Qld Brooke/03 &Jake/05

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