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Hi ,

I wonder if anyone can shed some light for me, I've got a few questions and didnt really know who to ask, so hopefully some of you experienced mothers out there might me able to help ....

I'm due in about 4 weeks time and am almost there with the babies nurserey. We have a car seat, a baby bouncer, a go faster pram with 3 wheels, a bath, creams, nappies etc.. but in the book I'm reading it says something about buying a nappy wrapper (which i think costs a fair bit) ... do I really need one? and if so where can I get a cheap one from? Also, I am hoping to breastfeed but will I also need back up bottles and a sterillising kit, if so, can anyone suggest what type is a good one to buy?

My last question is I have a large cot which will be quite a tight fit in our small bedroom, we're in rented accomadation and the windows are knackered, not much ventilation at all. I'm just worried that it might be too hot and stuffy for the baby and was wondering whether it would be better to have the baby in the bedroom next door as it would be more fresher for her in there, or should she really be in the same room as me for the first few months?

Any advice would be very much appreciated .... thanx


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A nappy wrapper is not at all necessary its just one of those items made for convenience,a packet of smelly nappy bags or even just old grocery bags are fine and u just put them straight in the bin.Back up bottles would be best just incase you are unable to breastfeed or find it hard then you have the bottles there and ready.A steriliser,again great for convenience but not necessary,hot soapy water give them a good scrub and rinse and they will be fine.As for bubs sleeping in another room thats fine,alot have their bubs in the same room just for the convenience of having them close.If you feel you may not hear bubs then get a monitor and they even have them new ones that monitor their breathing too to keep your mind at ease.
Good luck with everything.
I don't think I really need to say anything as everyone else has the same ideas.
Don't bother with the nappy thing. The Nappy sacks are great but I only use them when in public. I just have a small bin next to the change table with a shopping bag in it and when it is full it goes out. You'll find that while breastfeeding they don't smell all that much (a little if you get too close:-)).
I use the solution/tablets too. You don't need to buy the expensive kit, I just bought a cheap little bucket. Another option if you wish to sterilise is microwave. You can get cheap (~$30) microwave sterilisers from any big store.
I would recommend putting bub in another room and if you worry to get a monitor (I got Angelcare with the breathing sensor but have never used that bit). You will sleep better as babies snuffle and it will wake you up, sometimes I ever turn the monitor right down and leave the doors open so I will only hear her cry and not all the other noises (cute though they are). Better for baby to learn to sleep on its own too I think. Better to start habits you will be happy to continue rather than ones you wont smile

I am 2 months away from having my first baby and am starting to wonder wot i have and haven;t still got to get etc.

I am planning to breastfeed but am still having back up bottles 'cause at the end of the day if you go out or something you may want to just express and have it there instead of feeding infront of people or in inconvienient places.

Sterilising... I'm not going to bother with a machine, i remember watching my mum boil the bottles in a saucepan of water, does the same thing and doesn't cost a thing.

hope that helps
good luck

Melissa, WA, - paige 14mths & jack due in June

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