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does it hurt giving birth 2 the placenta or do u not notice it? do u have 2 push. this is kinda ew question but what does it look like? i always imagined it 2 b like this big raw corned beef lol
Good question.... I've always wondered the same thing as i had a c/s with DS.

But now what do you think i am going to be thinking of next time i cook corn meat?????

haha sorry, ill have my answer in 7 weeks and a few days hopefully. doesnt put me off tho i love corned beef!! yuuum. its the only meat i like at the moment. susrely it must look like this massive corned beef haha.
hey there

Well I had to give a little push but it didnt hurt at all and I never even felt it come out. Not compared to what had just passed between my legs I guess! lol

And to be honest I didnt have a really good look, but what I did see of it did not look like corned beef! lmao It was a lot flatter than that for a start! hehe smile
so i have 2 push this meaty thing out while i hold my baby long do they take the baby away 4 like 2 clean it up and stuff?? i just aske dmy mum wat it looked like and she said it looks like a big liver. ew. there goes my corned beef theory
HAHAHAHAHA, my brother saw the placenta from jy and wondered why they had a steak in the

you get contractions untill the placenta comes out, but nothing like the baby ones you barely notice them. and for me it was only one and i gave a push and out it came.

i think the midwife gave a little tug as well to help it out.

lol steak and liver mmmm!

Yes same for me as Mummytocutties - The doc gave it a slight tug and it was only one push and to be truthful with you I didnt even feel the contraction.

You get a needle of something to if you want to make it come out faster.

mine came out while they were doing the apgars so i wasnt actualy holding them.

but yeah its like a big liver (very big one lol).

with jy they had to give him some oxygen and then did the minute apgar and then i got to hold him, after that he was cleaned up a bit.

with zak i got to have him on my chest right away, then they did the apgar and i got him right back.
I hope i don't offend anyone here but......
I read on another website that some mothers now don't cut the cord. They wait until the cord releses from the baby itself. So they have to carry this placenta around for a few weeks after the baby is born. You can even get special bags for the placenta and you rub scented oils into it so stop the smell.

I didn't look.

Took me an hour to deliver mine (well it was an hour after DS was born). DH said it looked like it hurt me, but I don't remember.

(BTW I chose not to have the injection which is why it took me so long)
big liver. anybody watch outragious fortune?? (4 those tht live in nz)the last series when the brother deliverd lorettas baby he said 2 his mum. "and then this big as liver came out" hahaha. and oh my god about the non cutting of the cord! wat country is that in, and that is just the sillest thing iv heard. my mums cutting my babys cord, i hurd it sounds crunchy. well if they offer u and injection 2 get it out faster then im taking it. ild rather not have a corned beef siting inside me and a long thing hanging out of me 4 ages. my mum told me that it feels the same when u have 2 give birth 2 the placenta but i guess its different 4 every1 and u probly forget bout the pain as soon as u got ya lil bubba in ur arms. im gettin clucky now hehe... a big steak lol thts funny, do ya think maybe in some countrys they eat the placenta?
[Edited on 17/01/2008]
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