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It is called "Lotus Birth" where you do not cut the cord, and it is not silly! LOL

You may wish to investigate the option of 'delayed cord clamping' which is beneficial to the baby, but is not usually done in a hospital setting, you can request it though, of course.
[Edited on 17/01/2008]

homebirthing mum to three boys!

mmm it just seems weird 2 me...but thats just my opinion.
I don't think it hurt getting the placenta out, I had the injection and with the next contraction they told me to push a little bit and they pulled gently on the other end and then it was out. Not too bad but after the birth I don't think anything else would hurt.

do ya think maybe in some countrys they eat the placenta?

in all countries people eat the placenta in some form im sure.

I didnt have the synto jab, I chose to have a physiological third stage. basically the placenta came out in its own time, then once it had stopped pulsing, it was clamped and cut.

It can take some time to release itself, and you need to be careful in giving it a pull as it may actually cause more bleeding if it is torn off.

As for the how long will the baby be gone for, none of mine were taken away from me at all. everything was done on my lap.
i didnt even know the placenta had come out.
i was on such a high from birthing my baby. i didnt even really feel the needle for it.

so no it wont hurt at all
It just sort of slides out with some very slight pushing, i hardly felt it at all. I was induced so it came out pretty much straight away (or I think it did anyway, lol). I think that it looks like a piece of muscle from a cow or sheep.
Hi Samohutt,
I have just been googling lotus birth and this is what i found, if it works it will also show you pics of a placenta and what it looks like up until 6 days after the birth. Not my cup of tea, but each to their own!

we got to see one in antenatal classes, a fresh one... looks like a big deflated red balloon with lots of blood vessels, but there is a really thick part to it, kinda steak thickness...

i dont remember feeling the placenta come out... i was told i would have to give one more push o get it out but i didnt and it came out on its own...

they only took bubs away from me to be weighed (albeit right next to me) and that was like an hour later, she wasput ontoo my chest straight away and left there for ages, it was great. good luck!
Um well it more of a weird feeling lol
with DS I birthed my waters to and it felt exaclty like the placenta.
I didnt realy notice the placenta much cause I was more interested in baby, my mw just said give a slight push and it was out.
with DD I didnt know cause I had an epi and had no feeling for over12hrs after birth

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

Yep, it does look like a big liver. Logans cord/placenta was still attached to him for about 10 minutes after he was born. I was holding him with the placenta still inside me. I didn't even realise it was still there until my midwife told me we had to get the placenta out and asked me to give a little push. It didn't hurt at all, just felt like a blood clot coming out during AF (sorry too much info). I asked my midwife If I could have a good look at it, so she bought it right up to me and let me watch as she examined it. It was interesting seeing it get pulled apart.

3 gorgeous children to love forever

ill think i can wait another 7 weeks 2 c wat it looks like instead of lookin on the net, it might freak me out lol. ok thanx guys, i was just curious smile.
Ever seen a cow's liver? Looks very similar to that.
You don't really feel it come out - you'll be too interested in your baby.
It's definitely worthwhile to request the cord to not be clamped and cut immediately.. it's best to wait until it stops pulsating, I believe...
At least our babies don't come out in a sac like some animals!! lol
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