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i agree with jesspackman, its nothing really to even think about, and when i have #2 i wouldnt even think twice about worrying about the placenta!!!

DONT WANNA SCARE ANYONE BUT it can hurt A LOT to deliver tthe placenta
my placenta was stuck and to deliver it the dr had to put his WHOLE HAND inside my uterus and get it out. they gave me two and a half hours as well as the injection but even with the dr pulling on the cord it wouldnt come out!
so in the end i was givent the choice to go up to thertre for a GA and they would have cut my stomach to get it out or the manual way with the drs hand and my epi topped up. it hurt more than giving birth, and the placenta was in pieces hence the reason why i will be happily having an elective c section next time.

one of the reasons that mine didnt come out was i had a low lying placenta, i had a scane at 32 weeks and i only had 1 cm clear way so i was able to give birth the needles didnt help me but hay look what happend on the end of the day.

a little cute baby girl and thats all that mattered to me!!!!
and seeing my other half cry!!! lol!
my 3 were placenta's were different sizes and came away within minutes of the birth they came out, naturally (I didnt have the injection)

My DS#1 weighed 2820g, his placenta was about 480g
DS#2 weighed 4460g and his placenta was 560g
DS#3 weighed 4600g and his placenta was 1.1kg, it was like having a sloppy thing come out, Yes I could feel it, but it didnt hurt...
[Edited on 21/01/2008]
[Edited on 21/01/2008]
thanks for the laugh your pics funny!
Glad you like it Monty!
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