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Baby Breech Position Lock Rss

Hi everyone just wondering if anyone has experienced the turning manually by a doctor of a breech baby I am about 30 weeks and the doctor said that we may have to try turning the baby around if it does not move soon or look at Cesearean. My first daughter was a relatively ok birth with Epidural and being delivered by suction in the end. If anyone has had any experience with this would love to hear from you


I have been reading through all the replys thanks so much for all your help, advice and own experiences. I do feel a little more at ease now knowing that there are things I can do to may be help things along. No disrespect to those who have had a C-Section, I am just terrified of any major surgery, sometimes having a bit of medical knowlegde makes things worse. Keep any of your posts coming will be reading them over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks Heaps again everyone

just an update the thing still hasnt turned having a scan in two weeks

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I havent, no, but I have had a couple of friends with breech bubs at 30 weeks and they used moxibustion (its a chinese herbal stick that they light and it encourages the bubs to turn, sounds crazy, but google it) and also, putting one end of the ironing board onthe couch and laying upside down, to encourage bubs bum to fall upwards.

Dont laugh, it works! One of said friends was booked in for the turning, but when they got there, they had a scan and bubs had turned smile

I have heard that gives some good advice.

So dont get worried about caesar yet, you still have a few weeks to go before things start looking like bubs will stay breech!

Good luck:)
my ds was breech at 30 weeks and i got the same speech. he had turned by the time i went back again though.
i spent a lot of time on my hands and knees, not flattering, but meh.
hope everything turns out ok for you.

I was in similar situation.

I spent 10 minutes at a time 3-4 times a day on my hands and knees and bub turned around.

I have heard good things about that chineese method of turning too.
Don't stress just yet. My DD was breach up until 34wks, when she decided to turn around herself.

Your bubs still has plenty of time to turn. I agree you should spend as much time on all fours as possible, as this helps bubs to turn. Even straddling a chair and leaning forward can help.

Good luck!

You still have a lot of time for baby to turn yet, I was breech up until 35 weeks so I would wait and see. I think the manual turning is risky and I have heard of babies flipping straight back over once it is done. Try leaning forward into a bean bag or getting down on hands and knees a bit each day. I did nothing cos I am too lazy and all has turned out fine.
Good luck

Yeah I'm with the other ladies!

Try some of the other 'methods' to see if that encourages bubs to turn! My DS was breech right up til 39 weeks, but I was offered to have him turned manually. I didn't research it much (actually had to make a decision as soon as it was explained to me) but the things that stuck in my mind were that bubs may still turn back to breech once turned manually and that bubs may also have problems with it and heartrate may drop leading to emergency c/section then and there! I figured if it's likely to end in c/section anyway, why bother with the turning thing. HOWEVER having him turned was only offered to me at 36 or 37 weeks, so I didn't really even have a chance to look into the other ways of DS turning.

I will be trying some of those things this time around if this one ends up breech smile

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Hi im in the same boat as you... i've got some exercises to do to try to turn bub and a scan next week to see how it goes... i think if im offered to be manually turned i'll just leave it and have a c/sect... good luck

I had twins breech (naturally) but we did try to turn them with acupunture (dr recommended) but it didn't work

I am scared of surgery (like people are scared of heights) & because there was nothing wrong with either baby or myself I chose to have them naturally & I find it frustrating that drs choose to do ceasers when a monitored bottom first breech delivery can be done

Just my opinion so don't crucify me


I have read that crawling on all fours can help and also the legs up on the couch thing like the other ladies said (kind of like a pelvic tilt). There si also a Chiropractic technique that is supposed to be really effective but I cannot remember what it's called and if you don't already get adjustments it might be a bit much for you to launch in to LOL!

mumto6boys - congrats on the twins birth! I am amazed that you were 'allowed' to birth them naturally. I had heard that these days if you are breech they just say you'll have to have a caesarean. I have a home birth/ midwife background (as in sister and myself both born at home and mum's a retired midwife) and couldn't really figure out why nobody seesm to do breech deliveries anymore. I know in some cases it's not the best option and a casaerean is considered to be the safer option but I had always thought that a 'normal' breech could still deliver naturally. How did you get around a casaerean?


i am 36 weeks and bubs is still breech and i am being induced in 19 days.

i find out tomorrow at clinic what they want to do.


I had to find a dr who would do it & had to make some compromises
I had to be on my back & the monitors had to be on the whole time but I ended up having them on my hands & knees as nothing was happening on my back

I was told that when the body had come out then I had to stop pushing so they could ease the cervix over the babies head but both my babies just shot out.

The dr said that because I knew my body & had 4 other kids I had a good birth but she also said that if they were feet first then I would of had to have a c-section.

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