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  5. if u where induced ....................

if u where induced .................... Lock Rss

how long did it take ???
how'd they do it ...(gel etc)
any complications ??
weight/ length
early inducment or late
number baby ??
girl / boy


3 1/2 hours start to finish
had 1 dose of gel applied
cord tightly around neck (was blue when born)
and waters where green (not sure y)
3.490 kg
9 days over
2nd baby


6 1/2 hours start to finish
1 dose of gel applied
cord round neck 3 times (but only hands were slightly blue)
2.4 kg
3 days early (placenta dying)
2nd baby

thanks just wondering

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

My stats
- 10 1/2 hours from first contraction to delivery
- OB broke my waters (was already 3cms dilated)
- pre-eclampsia, had ventouse assisted delivery, a spiral tear, DS required 24 hours in SCN in isolette with oxygen for respitory distress
- 3.25kg, HC 34.5cm, L 50cm
- 38 weeks gestation
- first baby - boy

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Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

I had gel inserted at 5pm.. Bubs was born at 9:14pm!

3.9kg & 55cm

5 days overdue

Cord was also around his neck but thankfully the midwife said it was a particularly long cord so didn't strangle him!

Was my second bub. First bub was born 9 days over (no iduction) and labour was 5hrs. She was 4kg & 50.5cm.

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

26 hours!!
Tried gel, something in a drip, and then broke my waters.(he didnt want to come out!).
He went into fetal distress and had to go into the special care nursery for 24hrs.
Induced 4 days over as i had PUPPs.
1st baby(7 years ago now!!!)

My second came naturally 1 day over and was MUCH easier!! I hope this one is even easier!!
Pregnancy #01:
Induced 40w 10days
1 dose of gel applied 6pm
Gave birth to baby girl 3am (9hrs)
56cm long
3rd degree tear
Walked back to my room

Pregnancy #02:
Induced at 40w due to size of #01
1 dose gel applied 6am
Allergic reaction to gel (bad burning sensation inside!!!)
Baby spent hours in birth canal and was starting to get distressed
No time for epidural
Oxytocin drip inserted
20min from 3cm dilated to 10cm and baby boy born
1st degree tear
Head didn't mould so gave birth to full sized head!!!
Couldn't walk back to my room
The most painful thing I have EVER encountered due to the speed with which the last 20 min happened.

Mental note to self - always have epidural inserted before oxytocin drip......

I wasn't induced but i might know why your waters were green. Mine were too. It's called miconium and it is when bubs does a poo inside usually due to fetal distress. The cord around his neck would cause that.
My DS had his cord around his arm and was in distress. My first sign was miconium in my waters. I ended up having an emerg. c/s.

2 hrs
broke waters
3.3kg 51cm
2 wks early (pre-eclampsia)
1st baby

1hr 52 mins
not breathing (cord around neck)
3kg 48cm
2 days over (had car accident at 24wks and got out of plaster 1wk b4 due date. they felt sorry for me)
2nd baby

Hoping to not be induced this time round..
Fingers crossed..

3 1/2 hours
broke my waters - and cyntocynin (the drug in the drip) but once they broke my waters baby came flying out, so they stopped the drugs. I was 4cm when they broke my waters, without even knowing it.
no complications
7lbs 10oz - 51cm
I was induced 2 days after my dd coz I had diabetes

about 7 or 8 hrs till I felt first little niggles.

Cervidil - not many people seem to have this I have found.I only ever hear of people having the gels. It is a small rectangular pouch with a retrieval string on it similiar to a tampon. It gets inserted in the vagina. - it induces you a lot nicer and slower. Was great!

prolonged 2nd stage. Vaccuum extraction.

8lbs 13oz or 4008grams and 54cm length.

9 days over

1st Baby

Had one lot of gel put in at 7pm
labour started at midnight
Doc broke my water at approx 7am
First baby, DD born at 10.32am so 10.5hr labour
6lb 10 oz (3kg)
47cm long
10 days late

Nothing to see here folks!!

Hi, I was induced with my last bub only, other 2 were natural...

1st dose at midnight - nothing - 2nd dose at 7.30, bub born at 9.00!!(felt like I was hit by a train:o
no complications
3.4kg and 51.5cms long
5 days over
no. 3
little princess!!

labour 1 Hour 47 mins
1 dose of gel applied started straight away
No complications
3450g or 7lb 9oz
6 over due and gestional diabetes
1st bub
[Edited on 30/01/2008]

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