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Shaving down there ... Lock Rss

Ok hi there everyone!

I'll put my question in context. There are three other mothers at work besides me and sometimes we have break together and chat about our pregs.
So anyway we got onto the topic of :

Should you shave before you go in?

I thought it wouldnt matter at that stage smile but some of the others thought yes it would matter.

Yeah I know personal question, so what would u do?

Ronan is the boy 26/04/2006

yes it is personal, but isnt everything about Labour personal? heheheh...I mean I had about 10 nurses and doctors in the room who would of had a lovely view!

Anyway as for the question should you shave, its completely up to you....I mean if you do it regularly yourself then you may feel you wish to but honestly how hard is shaving "down there" when you cant even see what your doing with the bump in the way. As for me....I neglected that area whilst I was pregnant.....and in the end had to be prept for a cesearean just in case, which meant I had a nurse shave me down there! also I think they have to if you have an episotomy...however you spell it... In the end I was lucky that my son decided that the vacuum was the tool to be used!

So what the heck they see everything down there anyway and I was quite out of it, so next time like my first I would just leave it and get them to do it if it had to be done.

I can't advise you on shaving for a 'natural' birth as I had a c/section and am heading for another.

With Ceasers it's a close trim, not actual shave (No1 or closer on the clippers). As shaving is likely to cause small skin cuts and thus a place for infection to start (thus pimples etc). Also shaving is itching with regrowth and very likely to cause ingrown hairs.

I guess it's personal preference. Best wishes.
Hi guys,
I agree with the others, in that obviously it is a personal choice if you shave before going into labour etc. In regards to if it 'matters', then the answer is no. Women used to have to be shaved and given an enema etc while in labour but that's no longer really in practice as there is no need. Some obstetricians say that women need to be shaved so that they can stich up tears more easily....which is a load of rubbish. For a vaginal birth you only really need one in the case of an episiotomy, even then it should only be wear the incision is. good luck!

Nova, Vic, Nya born 7/3/03

No shaving here I was all natural with my 2 babies and like others have said when your in labour you dont really care what it looks like down there or who sees.
It is a personal choice but I'm sure when our ansesctors had children I cant imagine they shaved and it would be a bit awakard with the bump in the way.

I think I would be more paroniod about everyone seeing down there if I did shave it first...

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

When you get that big you can't see what you're doing, or get in there to do it, so unless you pay someone else to do it you end up mangy looking! And don't trust your partner, mine offered then tried to shave it all! I think the midwives have a laugh, in the early stages of my last labour i was talking about it with mine and she said they get all sorts off hairdos, and she thinks it's funny.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

I still wax my bikini line and my snail trail that leads up to my belly button - yes it's a little difficult and I'm forever having to try and move the tummy out the way lol but I always do it in the Bathroom infront of the mirror which is a big help. I really hate spidery leg hairs sticking out from undies so I will continue to do it all the through this pregnancy. With the rest of the hair in that region I gentley run the razor over it but going with the hair and not against, I find this thins it out and shortens it a little but not right down to nothing.

I would go with a bikini wax if I were you and maybe get it done a month before you are due. I had mine waxed first time about 2 months ago and it is only just starting to come back now! I though it would hurt like the legs do - but there is nothing to it!
My hubby had to do a clean up for me with the 1st, and I used the hair removal cream. He was bloody hopeless and I end up having to try and get there myself. Very hard at 9 months and squatting over a mirror!
I know that the docs see it all, but you do think about it every time they have a look, so if it is neatly mown and maintained you kinda feel less embarrassed.......
My friend also told me to leave my dignity at the front door of the hospital and pick it up when I left, and after going through birth and having about 6 different docs looking there I now know what she meant!!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

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