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during my pregnancy i worked till the due date then i left, i was fit and healthy,
this was my first baby izacc was due on the 14th April 05, he decided to come later on, i went into labour on anzac day 25th at 3.15AM which was 2 weeks late then i didnt have him till 10.14AM the next day 26th April, i was so releived after all that time, but 31hrs in pain was enough, but in the end i have a beautiful boy now 6months old,
any one else go through the same thing.?
Hi Jackie,
Mine was long too, but not as long as yours (abt 25hrs). I woke up with contractions 10 mins apart at 4.30am on thursday and she finally came out at 5.08am on Friday! I had fully dialated but she hadn't engaged so I just had to wait for her head to come down. In the end she still hadn't moved down much so I just had to push her out even further than normal.
I had two failed epidurals that only succeeded in making me pass out by lowering my blood pressure, slowing the labour and then making me vomit! So I pretty much did the whole thing without any pain relief at all. I was also very tired after all that!

I felt very traumatised for weeks after that, but I was also very happy with my beautiful baby girl!

I sometimes wonder what I would do if I wanted another one? Do u feel that you've gotten over the birth yet?

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

Hi Jackie
I didn't go for quite as long as you but a bit over 24 hours for me was enough! I had the worlds best morning sickness, pain free and loved every minutes of it. Jeb was due on the 12 July but didn't arrive until 18 July. I started having mild contractions around 7-8pmish on Sunday night but they didn't start coming in regular intervals until around 10pm. I tried to stay at home as long as I could and after a couple phones to and from the hospital I finally went in around 7am Monday morning. At 9am they did an internal and I was only 3cm. 4 hours later and extreme back pain I had my next internal only to find I was only at 4cm. An hour later at 2pm I was sent upto the labour room so I could use the gas as my pain was getting worst. At 3pm I was given a shot of peth which to my disappointment did very little to ease the pain. After being up there they discovered Jeb was spine on spine with me so keep moving me around trying to get him to turn the right way......pain in the ass!!!! 6pm and they gave me another internal and to see if I could have another shot of peth,they didn't give me any coz they thought I was moving along faster than they thought) then decided to brake my waters to move things along faster. Around 7:30pm I finally had the urge to push, Jeb still wasn't turned but they where hoping he would on the way down. 9:30pm came and Jeb had crowned but was not moving any further....they decided to cut me TWICE!! He still didn't come down much further and was getting tired. I tried pushing for another 15mins when I heard one of the midwives say to go and ring the doctor to come in for assistance as Jeb heart beat was starting to drop.....that was what gave me the heart to give it one last big push (with my hubby urging me on so well). As the midwife walked out the door Jebs head finally came out!!! Even with being cut twice I still tore. A second big push and he was out......10:11pm!!!!!! I got that may stitches the doctor couldn't even tell me how many I had, but when a 40.5cm head, 57.5cm length and 9lb 14oz baby comes out as a first child you're bound to get hurt!!! My hansom little man is now 14 weeks old and I do it all again for him if I had too!!!

My first labour went from first contraction to birth just over 41 hours.

First contractions started Sunday evening 12th Oct 03' at about 6.30pm and by very early Monday morning (around 3.30am) they were 7-8 minutes apart. Went to the hospital on Monday evening at about 7pm when contractions were 5 mins apart and was sent home as I was only 1cm dilated (I cried when they told me that). Went back to the hospital at about 11.30pm that night and was only 2cm but refused to go home as I was in agony. Had two shots of peth at about midnight, laid in the bath for about 8 hours, vomited and demanded an epidural which came an hour later. Had so many internals I could not count, no one could say how dilated I was as baby was in posterior brow presentation position. By 6pm baby was distressed and I was told I was having an emergency caesar as baby was not going to fit into my pelvis due to her position. By Tuesday 14th October 03' 6.30pm she was born weighing 8pd 1oz and was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I have never been so exhausted in my whole life.

I would like to encourage those of you who had long labours the first time... my second labour was only 8 1/2 hours and much less painful and easier to bear. If you have a traumatic labour the first time round doesn't mean it will be the same the next time.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

hey omg that was a long labour but i was in labour for 4 days and cos my bub had the cort rapped around his neck we lost him several times but all is ok now he is 11 mnths old now and i couldnt b happy im pregnant again with my second child which is due in may i wasnt expecting to have another one so soon but im happy and cant wait but just like everyone im still worred bput the labour and the birth cos thats the hard bit but once u hold that little baby in your arms its ok well u should no what its like i love that feeling after u give birth to ur baby and u hold it for the first time its all worth every bit of pain in the end well i hope u and ur baby r doing well. ill talk to u soon. bubbye
from stacey and maison

stacey, nsw, 11 mnths old maison

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