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Antinatel classes??? Lock Rss

Hi my name is Denise and i am pregnant with my first ...just had a question about antinatel classes...are they really nessessary?...can anyone help?

Denise 25 Xavier 28.04.06

I found them quite useful and informative, even though I did not get to use much of the stuff I learnt (I had an emergency c-section). But they told us all about pain relief choices, which was very useful, and just what to expect.

Rachel & baby Toby, born 11/07/05, Sydney


I too think they are worth it esp if you are like me and had no real contact with babies before having your first one. It is a real eye opener and prepares you so you know what to expect when it comes to the birth and afterwards (incl feeding etc).


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

I had my first baby last year and I attended a class, but I found it not useful...

it was for 1 day (about 5 hours) and they showed videos of live births and got us to try different birth positions and ways partners could help relieve the pain... however I did not use any of tips given...

I wished that they showed me breathing techniques as that was all that I could concentrate on to try to ignore the pain, but the class I went to said breathing techniques were outdated and so they didn't show it to us. Plus they did not show us how to look after a baby once baby was born...

My friend went to antenatal classes spread over several weeks, held for a couple of hours each Monday and she got a lot more out of her class than I did, and she paid the same price. So I guess you have to do your homework and find out which class would benefit you more.

Does anyone know of good breathing techniques? I am due again in February next year.

To teach is to learn twice

I've just finished all my antenatal classes and both myself and my hubby found them really useful. Some topics I found to already to know a bit about, but the majority of the topics displayed things I wouldnt even have thought of.

Joanne,SA, 1st time mum to Ryan 7/11/05

I have also just finished our classes and I found them really helpful. I already knew a lot as I am an avid reader, but we had a wonderful midwife taking the class and she made me feel a lot more confident and calmer about the prospect of birth and baby. We didn't learn how to breathe particularly, just ways of relaxing and all the options and choices we need to think about before hand. She answered questions I didn;t know I had.

It was also good to be with other mums who are due at the same time as I don;t know a lot of people with babies. I think the main thing that will come out of the class will be the contact with them as we all battle the early days of parenthood. It will be good to compare and share.

I think it truely was worth it

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

hi , my name is Sueanne and i'm due on the 7th april, i would recomend the classes, they r heaps of fun and believe me u will get answers to questions u never thought of.good luck!my email is [email protected]


hi im pregnant with my second and i went both times to the classes. the 1st time i went i did learn some things and the second time i went i learnt that what i learnt the 1st time has now changed. it is a comfort to know as much as you can about what will happen and also the ladies in your class are due around the same time as you.... so you might meet your room mate there. i wouldnt say its a must do but i would say it is a mile stone, another thing to look forward to and to make the time go faster. and hey if you only learn one thing that whole day then wont it be worth it? good luck with it any way and i hope it goes fast for you.
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