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"Feelgood" hospital experiences! (only allowed) Lock Rss

Hi there

Weird topic maybe but on sunrise the other day it was saying how critics want to 'out' bad beds in motels and name and shame the motel. I thought its funny how when you have good or great experiences they dont get talked about half as much as the bad.

It also got me thinking bout good ol' huggs.

There are always so many stories on here about 'bad' hospital experiences but rarely any good unless someone goes into a bad story and says hey they arent all bad, mine was good. iykwim

So I am making a thread for all the ladies who wanna put their hand up and say ME, ME, ME!

I personally had a GREAT experience at hospital and labour ward. I will without a doubt be returning to the very same one again (which btw was the public one in my town)

Midwifes only ran the labour ward unless they called the doc for whatever reason.
I didnt see them in the room till I called them myself. Which when DH finally got there I didnt want them anyway, just him lol!
I only had one in my pushing stage and she stayed the whole time, yes the same one the whole time.
I only say a doc cos I had been pushing for 3 hours and ds was stuck and doc came then. (thank god!) but he didnt by any means wanna say 'yay I can cut her up' lmao
He actually said 'no he wouldnt help as I would get ds out on my own' I however nearly swore at him and said he HAD to help me in which case he did and ds was born assisted by ventouse. This was MY choice!

I feel like I owe him and my midwives the whole world on a platter and I would give it to them if I could - yep my hospital experience was 'that' good!
I stayed 4 days - they didnt rush me home - let me go when I felt confident enuf and were so very helpful whenever I needed them!

There, that's my good story!

And yes I do know that there are lots and lots of bad ones but this thread I have made special for the good ones!

(please dont be mean to me! lol)


This was 4 years ago and in the UK and not where I wanted to give birth but I did end up in a great hospital.

I was booked into the local hospital but through a catalouge of errors, including telling me I was immune to rubella when I WASN'T, and some horror stories from other mums who'd had bubs there, we decided we wanted to be booked into a different hospital.

We chose to have baby in a hospital about 30 minutes away in the town we used to live in and they were great. When I rang them at midnight the morning I gave birth bc I was worried that I was bleeding (turns out this was my show) they told me to come in. They hooked me up to monitors initially and then were going to transfer me to labour ward instead of delivery suite but ds had other ideas. LOL My waters went as soon as they said that and contractions became more painful and I was 6cm, I was moved to a delivery room while they filled the birth pool for me.

Got in the pool and was in for about 30 minutes when ds's heart rate started to slow at the end of contractions.....who would have thought that I'd hit transition so fast? They asked me to get out and I did, but if I had wanted to stay in I don't think they would have made me get out. Got back to the room I had been in and ds was born at 5:26am, less than 4 hours after arriving at hospital. I had the same midwife throughout labour and delivery and she was great.

We stayed in for 3 days.....which I hated, before going home. If I was still living in the UK, wasn't so set on a home birth for the next bub (which I did have here in NZ)or needed to go to hospital for medical reasons,I would not have hesitated to go there again.


i LOVED both my hospital experience and am realy looking forward to this one (could do without the labour part LOL)

i have absolutley nothing bad to say about it at all.
At last a thread which will hopefully be all happy and here's hoping that no one comes in and shits on it! Both of my babies were born at Gawler Health Service in SA and I have not got enough respect and praise for the midwives and doctors at that hospital! My labour with DD was a difficult one but the midwives and doctors were fabulous the whole time and it wasn't until afterwards that I realised how close I came to losing my precious little girl. My hubby was more "with it" than me so he could see the situation with a clearer head, but at the time the staff handled the situation so well and kept me so calm that I didn't realise how bad it was until after she was born and safe. That's professionalism for you. I went back and had DS at the same hospital and the care was even better second time around. Thankfully his labour was an easy drug-free 3 hours from start to finish, we were actually lucky to even have him at the hospital, he was in such a hurry to meet us! It is only a small hospital so you are treated like a person rather than a number. I will definitely go back there for my third.

thanks for the replies girls!

Its awesome hearing the great experiences!

They dont get talked about half as much as the bad.

So good to know there are others who had such good experiences too. smile

I loved my hospital experience all of the midwives were so nice and very patient. My son was born premeture and they showed me everything i needed to know and explained everything that was going on with my son.

I will be have my baby at the same hospital and i'm even starting to look forward to it.


Hi everyone ,
I loved my hospital experience the midwives were fantastic and very supportive. I stayed 4 days and it was my choice to go home I could have stayed longer if I wanted.

Even when I went back to the same hospital to visit a girlfriend and her bub 4 weeks later they were excited to hear how bubs was going it was great.

I'm looking forward to go back there when I have another bub.


My first labour/birth was very long and hard but I was really helped through it by the midwives at my local hospital, they were great. We even found out after the birth (when she visited me in the maternity unit, outside of her shift I might add!!) that my midwife's shift had finished 2hrs before my bub was out and she stayed on to help me!! We were very happy with the hospital so went back for bub #2. She was a very quick and 'easy' labour/birth. I chatted with my midwife on arrival and she examined me. Bub was born about 50mins later, my midwife talked to us about our family and her own whilst weighing/checking the baby, and then we (hubby, bub and i) were left alone for me to have a shower and baby cuddles/feeding. An hr later I was on the ward (my own room!)with bub (3amish) and then first thing that morning I was given my own private room in the maternity area. At my hospital there is a maternity area called southern wing, there is a midwives station and about eight private rooms for new mums/babies w/ your own bathroom, baby bath area, fridge etc. Its great! It is very independent but midwives are available for help). I only saw a doc when we were discharged after 2 days. It was really a lovely birth experience and I cant wait to have another baby.

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

I will be going to hospital any day now and this post is such a positive read! So nice to hear 'good' stories. Hopefully when I get home I too can add my postive experience in here!!!

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

Hey kel82,

What a great idea for a thread. As an RN, I constantly hear the good and bad about hospitals (but mostly the bad!)

I had the most fantastic experience in hospital. The birth wan't too crash hot, but the 5 days that I stayed in hospital afterwards were great.

The midwives completed their checks each shift and were on-hand if I needed them, but they always kept their distance. If I needed any information, they would magically appear and reassure me and then disappear again. They were like angels!

DH boarded with me the whole time and was provided with all meals, which weren't too bad. The queen sized bed helped a lot too!

All up, I had an awesome post-birth experience and am definitely having this next bub at the same hospital. smile]

Hey Katem

Im going through Gawler for my birth and so far have found them to be wonderful too!!

I have recommended the hospital to alot of my friends who are pregnant too and they love the place too!

Mummy to 3 little goblins

You have made a brilliant choice there, I didn't have one single thing that I could have faulted them on with both of my pregnancies, labours and stays in hospital. There was not one midwife that I dealt with that wasn't brilliant and the care and respect that you receive is fabulous! With Jacob they pretty much left me to my own devices, but I knew that they were only a call away if I needed them. They don't rush you out the door, the choice is yours when you want to leave and I couldn't even fault the hospital food either. I haven't heard any bad expeiences with GHS to date, so I am sure that you will find your experience just as good as I did. Good luck!

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