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with my son i had an emergency c-section and now i'm pregnant with my second and a little scared of going natural. I really do not want to go through hours of labour just to end up having anther c-section. I suppose want I'm asking is does anyone know anything about vbac and i would love to hear some of your stories about vbac good or bad i want to be armed with as much information as i can get before disscussing it with my midwife and doc.
looking forward to hearing them. Also any stories on mutiple c-sections.

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Hi mummy love,
I am in the same situation, I was induced for my first and ended with and emergency c/s. This time as much as I would love to give birth naturally, I think I will opt for a c/s. I have heard of things going wrong with the placenta collapsing because of the scar tissue, and I am a very cautious person and a little scared of things going wrong. But there is also many stories of successful VBAC too.
I am also worried because of the short gap between the two.

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I have posted quite a few times about by two birth experiences so people probably don't want to read them again so I will try and be brief (I hope)! Perhaps those of you who don't want to read it again can skip my post! smile

I know exactly how you feel as I was in the same position only about 7 1/2 months ago! I agonised over whether to have another c section or attempt a vbac. I did ALOT of reading and spoke to several doctors and got so many different views on the topic. I felt very informed when I made my decision.

I had an emergency c section with my first baby after 40 or so hours of excrutiating labour because she was in a posterior brow presentation position. She could not decsend the birth canal as my pelvis simply could not open wide enough for her to fit. It was one of the worst (and in the end the best) experiences of my life.

I was told to wait 12 months to get pregnant again by the hospital but my GP said 6 months and I got pregnant again (not planned) when my oldest was 7 1/2 months old. I was so scared of going through labour and end up with a c section anyway. My husband was scared too and just wanted me to have a c section as he found it hard to cope while I was in labour.

Anyhow after much research and several conversations with doctors and midwives and weighing up the risks of each option I decided the following:
1. If I needed to be induced I would opt for a c section as the risk of uterine rupture is higher.
2. If I went more than one week over I would opt for a c section.
3. If baby was in posterior position close to due date I would have a c section (I would not have had a choice as doc believed I could not give birth to a posterior baby vaginally).
4. If labour did not progress at a normal pace I would have a c section.
Otherwise I would attempt a vbac.

In the end I went into labour on my own two days before my due date and had an almost drug free 8.5 or so hour labour that ended in a successful vbac! It was an amazing experience. I felt like I had accomplished what I wanted - to have control over the birth. I suffered a partial 3rd degree tear as the baby had her fist on her cheek as she was born, however she was in the right position. Overall though the recovery was much better than the c section. I could walk back to my room with my baby in my arms and when I got home I could continue doing all the things I normally did.

At my last hospital appointment I did book in for a c section for 1 week after my due date which was met with a lot of negativity from the midwives and the doctors at the hospital. That made me feel awful thats for sure!

My advice to you is do your research on the risks of either option and speak to your OB and get their opinion based on your previous delivery. Do what you feel is right for you and your baby and try not to let others make you feel bad about which ever way you choose to go.

Sorry this ended up being so long!

Good luck and all the best for the birth.


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I'm planning a VBAC for my fourth, my second twin was emergency caesar due to complication. Interestingly, i have found that VBACs actually have a lower rate of complications than caesars. The rate of scars splitting is less than 1%, and that includes births where augmentation is used, which ups the chance of rupture. I would get every scrap of reliable information i could before deciding, impartial advice too. I've found everyone has their own opinion, eg i'm very anti-caesar, i think they are used far too much. The hours of labour for your first will actually help if you go VBAC though, you will dilate quicker than a first timer. Nice to know all that pain was good for something! When are you due?

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I was in the very same situation as yourself - i now have my 5 week old son and i am feeling almost normal after having him naturaly - i decided that i wanted to try V-bac but not before i was told the details of my first birth - this gave me the power to make an informed decision. i was told that with my first the labour did not progress for 5 hours from 8cm because of Josh's position he then started to get stressed so that is why i had the emergency C-Section, which is also why recovery wasn't very good. So therefore i could tell them in delivery that if this baby is lying in a bad position for natural delivery i want to go C-section straight away without having the long labour and then the emergency situation. As my Dr. put it it is like making you run a marathon and then expecting you to sprint the last 100 mtrs!! He was lying in a bad position and i stopped at 8 cm again. The Dr said we can wait for an hour to see if i progress any more or start prepping for the C-section, which is what we did and it was in a much more calm situation but... i was in the operating theatre ready to go with the full spinal block and the Dr. checked to see how i had progressed in that hour - i was fully dilated so she gave me the option of natural birth but with the intervention of forceps because of baby's position - this is what i decided on (as i was lying there under lights, with a cast of thousands ready to cut me open waiting for my decision!) I always knew what i wanted though and stuck to it, i had pretty major tearing and this was very painfull but my recovery was so much better than the C-section. Just make sure you are well informed as to what happened with your first baby as this helped me immensly to make a logical decision without letting the feelings of guilt or failure fog my thoughts. - Good Luck

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i had my first daughter via emergency cesear and chose to have my second by elective cesear what the doctors often forget to tell you is that most of them wont let you try for a natural birth after you have had 2 cesears and that most doctors are extremely reluctant if not totally against performing 4 cesears so if i were you i would take into account how many children you want i wanted 4 but have been told that they will not allow it to the point of offering me a tubal ligation even thought im only 22 im having my 3rd by cesear and i wish i hadnt been too scared of a natural birth to give it a go you never know what could happen and after a not so good experience last time surely you are due for a good one this time!
good luck

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