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HELP...Contractions or wot?? Lock Rss

Hello Ladies,
Just hoping to get some advice, Im due with my 1st bubs in 2 days and i have been getting wot i think maybe contractions for the last two day and night on and off. (Alot of lower back pain and wot feels like sharp period pain).i have been walking alot trying to bring them on, and it does help until i sit down then they just fade away?? they were 20mins apart at one stage.Im starting to get worried as bubs isnt moving alot and i have had brown discharge???Im not due for my next appointment till monday.Im just getting anxious i have had enough already. Any Advice is this normal... am i just being parranoid?


I got mild contractions like that for a couple of weeks before I finally did go in to labour (not that I'm saying you have got weeks! smile ). Then when labour did start they started off the same but didn't go away.
However, if you think your babys movements have slowed down enough to concern you I would ring the hospital and tell them this and also about the discharge and they "should" let you come in to be checked. This was what my hospital told me and what other people have said. I think that would be the best thing to do so then you can put your mind at ease if everything is good. I can't hurt to ring them.
The brown dischage "could" be a show but as I never saw mine (was asleep on the drugs) I don't know what it looks like smile
Sounds like labour,This is how mine started,good luck if it is & keep us posted smile

ME25, DF28, DD 4, DS18 months

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