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Head Size and Birth Weight? Lock Rss

I know wrong section again but I need the opinions of all you ladies who have had your babies...not just those who are currently preg.

Just wondering how big your babies head cicumference was at birth and how much they weighed?

35.5cm and 9lb 2oz. (4.136kg) was 11 days overdue too.

7 days overdue he was 7lb 2oz (3.235kg) hc 35cm

5 Days Early
32cm head (phew)
6lb 10 oz (nice)

34cm and my baby girl weighed 7lbs 5oz : )
3.855 weight length 51.5 and HC 35.5

39 weeks 4 days
Born on his due date - 9pounds 6 ounces (4.270k) and HC 38.5

Mum to Charlie (25/5/06) and Isla (22/5/08)

9.2pounds - 4.155 kgs
Head circumfrence was not an issue, he got stuck at the shoulders.. they hit the alert buttom and i had 4 nurses trying to "extract" him.

Thank God, he eventually came out... NO STITCHES or ANYTHING!! WOOHOOOO

His shoulders where that big they almost had to dislocate his left shoulder to get him out... thankfully that wasnt required but i did need a doctor to check out his arm to make sure there was no injurys caused..

2 baby boyz!

Ds- 3.4 kilo H/C 34cm

DD- 1.7 kilo H/C 29cm

DS was 4 days overdue.
H/C was 34.5cm
Weight 9lbs - 4kgs
DS was on his due date... 34.5cm, 8lb2oz (3690g). I still dispute the circumference measurement though as I honestly believe they should have included the elbow he had bent across his forehead...........
Patrick was born at 39 weeks by c-sect. He weighed 4135g (9pd 2 oz)and had a 39.5cm head circ - he actually didn't fit in my pelvis!! The pead told me that that is an above average sized head.

Patrick 10/12/07 & Matthew 15/05/09

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