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Birth without drugs Lock Rss


Just wondering if anyone has had a drug free delivery??????

I am considering it but am wondering if it is a wise choice!!!

hi there!! hen I had my son, all along i planned to have a drug free labour ... in the end, i had the gas, but that was all! I was very happy with myself that I didn't have an epidural or pethidine as I'd said from the start that I didn't want either of them!! My friend recently gave birth to a 4Kg bub ... absolutely drug free labour!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi boppie,

well whatever you decide, remember its your decision. As a recovery nurse I can tell you that women who have absolute plans for this and that about what they will or wont do during the labour, are usually always disappointed when things don't go to plan. And let me tell you, that babies have a whole plan of their own and sometimes they are the opposite of yours!!!! Just be aware of your options and say to yourself, that you will take it as it comes and what you can cope with. Everyone is different. And just a piece of trivia, midwives as far back as Cleopatra's time have been using traditional herbal medicines to help women cope with the pain of labour. American indians (some tribes) used to chew tobacco leaves during labour to help with the pain......I can't imagine the caffiene rush this would have given the baby!!! All the best

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

Hi Boppie

Have you considered labouring at a birth centre? They encourage a drug-free approach. Gas and pethadine is available if required but if you need something stronger you will be transferred to the hospital.

If drugs aren't readily available, you might be less inclined to ask for them!

I recently gave birth to my second baby drug free and it was fantastic. I stayed at home for as long as I could handle and arrived at the birth centre one hour before my son was born.

It all comes down to mind over matter. If you think you can do it, you can.

Good luck with your decision : )

Jennifer, DS 21/06/03, DS 16/10/05

I had gas for a short time with both labours, but i don't really consider it a drug as it is fully out of your system 20 secs after you inhale it. I found it didn't really lessen the pain, but it gave me something to concentrate on. The thing that convinced me was researching the side effects of all the drugs while pregnant, i did not want to put myself or my baby through any of them! There's a fantastic book just called Birth, it's written by a midwife and childbirth educator, and it's huge! But it's full of fantastic, recent information and very easy to read.
I found the main thing was to stay in control and mobile if possible, find out as much as possible about birth and all the interventions and try to plan as much as you can. If you feel in control the pain is much more manageable. Knowing everthing you can gives you the confidence to refuse any intervention you don't think is necessary. And yes it hurts like hell, but the pride you get from doing it all yourself is pretty cool.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

Hi there, I had a drug free labour February this year, I was very lucky with my labour as it was only 5 hours start to finish, and I found it easy not to have drugs, it didnt even cross my mind, i mean it did hurt, but it was not a pain that I could not handle, and I did have a little girl over 4kgs and Im not a big person, so it is possible, just keep a open mind as I did cause I planned to have a drug free birth but if I changed my mind during labour, I was going to have drugs, cause you just never no how you are going to feel smile
I had a natural drug-free birth...

My contractions started as mild cramps at apx. 3:30pm (similar to period cramps) and became regular by 4:30pm - they were 4 and a half mins apart. I had to go to the hospital asap because I wasn't due for another 6 weeks and by 6pm when I reached the hospital they said I was 7cm dialated - and I hadn't felt any pain by this stage!

I felt I needed to start pushing at 8:45pm and at 9:11pm my beautiful little boy was born (5lb 4oz)- completely natural and drug free. I was blessed that I didn't feel any unbearable pain...the thought of taking gas or drugs never occurred to me - I had hoped and prayed for a natural birth and I got it.

I am a very focussed person and was able to just relax through my contractions, aware that what I was feeling was just my uterus - a muscle - contracting and doing it's job to bring my bub into this wonderful world... so I think that perspective really helped too.

I have had friends who have had gas, epidurals, caesars, forceps and vontousse so I know that every labour and woman is different. I think it helped that I was originally booked into a Family Birth Centre as opposed to the main ward of the hopsital, as the staff there are very natural-birth focussed and it's good to have people like that around you when you're pregnant.

All the best for your labour.


Boppie one more thing I forgot to mention was that I read a fantastic book called "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Method" and followed the stretches and exercises contained in that book.

I also drank raspberry leaf tea twice a day from my 2nd trimester onwards - it is supposed to soften and tone your uterus.


hi ive had 2 natual drug free births, my fisrt was a 10 hour labour and my second was a 3 hour, all u really have to do is concentrate on breathing, and your body will do the rest.
personally i dont think labour in its self is that bad, some people make out like its the worse thing in the world when its not.

as for the drug side if you feel you need them then have them, no body will think any less of you.
even if you do have drugs this time round, just remember every labour is different, u may not need them next time .....

good luck

Rochelle, mother of 2

I had my first baby on 24th May 2005. She was born 8lb 11oz (3.94kgs) and my labour was 18 hours long from the first contraction. I did it completely drug free and have been so proud of myself ever since!! I never had any plans for a drug free labour and was just going to see how things went. The best advice I got was that the pain is only going to get worse, so I just kept thinking that I was only having mild pain compared to how bad it was going to get!!
Now I can't wait to do it all again!!

Leah, DD 24/05/05 DS 09/01/07 #3 due 26/06/10

when i was pregnant with DS#1 i went in not wanting anything. i had my waters broken and about 2hrs later i started getting really sore contractions, and they were 2mins apart. i was moaning and groaning and the midwife offered me gas. i thought why not? ill try some wink the first suck didnt do anything (so i thought). just when i was about to say its not working i started floating across the room!! my DH started laughing at me. ive heard stories about what it feels like when you get high on marijuana, and i thought well this is how it must feel:) i felt the contractions but it didnt bother me.
the midwife then told me that i was fully dialated and had to take the gas away so i could push. she actually had to tear it out of my hands. i wouldnt let it go! LOL. i pushed for about 20 mins and out came my DS. but i have to admit that i cant remember most of the labour. i was GOOONE!!
anyways when i found out that i was pregnant with DS#2, i said there ws no way i was going to take anything this time... i wanted to remember everything! so when i started getting contractions we went to the hospital and sure enough the midwife asked if i wanted anything. i said no i have my own form of drugs....about two days before i went shopping with DS#1 and bought him new gum boots, and when i put them on him and told him to go for a walk he walked like he had s**t himself!!!! it was so hilarious people in the shop were looking at me like i was a loony!...... while i was in the birthing unit i called my mum and told her i was scared and didnt know if i would be able to go through it without taking anything, and she told me just to remember what happened at the shops and use that as my drugs. and you know what it worked a charm!!smile
i used to think when people told me you just have to visualise on something i thought they were just talking nonsense... how can you think of anything else when your in pain and cant really make it stop? but it really does work!!
obviously they are just some thing you cant control whilst in labour like emergency c/s or other stuff that can go wrong, but the pain can be controlled psychologically.
but you should also remember second time round is usually easier, well the pain is still there but you know what you need to do.
hope this helps
take care and good luck!!

Amina, mum of 3 boys 06/03, 03/05, 06/08

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