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Hospital bag.... Lock Rss

I have a basic list of what I should pack to take to the hospital, but does anyone have anything useful, that I should add? Did anyone find, or has been told about anything to make birth or the healing better or faster? We live a distance from the hospital, so DH does not want to be having to go home all the time to bring me back things, so any hints would be great!!

I take some daytime clothes so that I don't have to lay around in my pjs all day, a bag of prunes or other dried fruit to get things started down south IYKWIM?, books/magazines to read especially if you're in hospital over the weekend because weekend tv is really bad. Last time my mum had recently had her prolapse operated on and had been given a big elastacised (sp?) belt to wear around her tummy afterwards to support everything. I wore this every day when I was in hospital and it really helped to support all my tummy muscles after birth. I don't know where you get them from but they do the same thing as support pantyhose except that they aren't quite as tight because this does up with valcro. Maybe a chemist might sell them? I also take a pen and paper to keep a note of who gave you presents and what they were so that you can write thank you notes later.

Take something to read..preferably a gossip magazine because your brain wont be functioning properly to read anything you have to think about! But it can get pretty boring when there are no visitors and bubs is asleep (and they sleep a lot!).

And chocolate (or whatever your vice is!). A lot of hospitals don't sell the junk food anymore, and while I didn't eat a lot of it...just the pieces i did have were a god send!

There are lots of old wives tales but I personally just let nature take its course. I tried raspberry leaf tea as it is supposed to help your uterus contract quicker, but it didn't.

You might want to take your baby book to record your feelings etc in...i did a little bit, but I couldn't stay focused to fill too much in!

The 2 best things i could suggest besides the obvious are:

1. Soft toilet paper as the one the hospital supplies is really rough and is not nice especially if you have stitches!

2. Lansinol which is a tube of 100% lanilon to put on your nipples after every breast feed to help with soreness and discomfort when you start BF and will not harm your baby so you dont need to wash before feeds, you can buy it at chemist its a purple tube

hope this helps
Dont forget spare batteries or a charger for the camera. They are very expensive if they even sell them there.

And pre purchase a phone card- just like a $5 or $10 one

i was lucky with DD that they let me have so many pillows (but i know as i work as an RN) that pillows are scares, anyway i could not sit up on a chair so needed 3 pllows to cusion around my tooshie so maybe bring your own support pillow.


Thongs, just like you would for any public me!

Good Luck!

Thanks ladies...really appreciate your input!!

Dont forget your own hairdryer - an absolute godsend for drying stitches. Also, if you are breastfeeding a wristband (or hairband) for your wrist as a reminder for which breast to start with next feed, that really helped me as I just plain forgot. Put a spare mobile charger in for you and DH so that neither of you get stuck. Good luck.

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Might be a bit out there but i had an episiotomy so lots of stitches. Mum brought me in a little spray bottle and some sea salt and each time i went to the loo i'd spray down there a few times with warm water with sea salt disolved in it. Helped healing down there and also helped 'freshen up' with all the blood loss and other eeewwwie stuff
its nice to sit on an ice pack!
also soft toilet paper is helpful.

i found most of the stuff i took to hospital i didnt even use. all i did was sleep and tend to bubs. i was a really lazy patient LOL
Also to add to all the above, the best advice i was ever given was in bub's bag for the hospital was to take a container of baby wipes, you definitely need those for bub during the first few days of sticky poos, works heaps better then the wet flannels most hospital make you use, also a pair of ear plugs if you end up in a shared room, my room mate when i had my youngest daughter spent close to 12hrs on the phone on and off talking very loudly most days and snoring extremely loudly of a night
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LOTS of breast pads. If your like me when your milk comes in your breasts will be leaking everywhere. I was changing a full breast pad every 1/2 hours. Also lots of loose tops because your breasts will be sore and an extra large bra if you want to wear one!
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