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"low placenta" Lock Rss

Hey All.. How is everyone.

I had my ultrasound yesterday and found out im having a girl! and i thought it was a boy.
She was energetic, wouldnt stay still!! And smiled for her photo!! smile

I was wondering if anyone had a low placenta or if you know anyone who has. apparently cant tell at this stage if it will stay that way but if it does will prolly have to have c-sec.

So if anyone had a low placenta at 19wks and has given birth id love to hear from you!

Take Care... Good luck with pregnancies!..Jess - Sydney

Jess, Sydney

Hi Jess,

I had a low lying placenta with my second pregnancy. It was very close to but not covering the cervix. I had a scan at 34 weeks and it had stretched up and out of the way. I went on to have a wonderful natural delivery.

Good Luck.

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

I also found out at 18 wk scan that I had a low lying placenta-in fact it was completely covering my cervix- and was told that I would definately need a c-section. I am 38 weeks now and after 3 hospital visits due to bleeding I have been told my placenta has moved out of the way and I can go natural!!!!!. I am booked in on Monday to be induced if I haven't already gone into labour by then, due to my bleeds.... Most often a low placenta will correct itself as it moves up as the uterus grows....Good luck

Mel, NSW, Riley , Flynn & Ethan

hi jess!
i also had a low-lying placenta. i think i found out at my 18wk scan. i thought i was going to have c-section aswell, but the placenta moved up as i grew and i gave birth naturally! hope all goes well with you, im sure it will smile
i had a low placenta at 19weeks and had to have another scan at 34 weeks and it had moved right out of the way- my OB said only 5% of placentas dont move in time. i am due today!!


hi jess,
i just has an ultrasound yesterday for a low lying placenta. i am 34 weeks pregnant and everything is now completely normal with no obstructions at all. Also found out my little man is breach and don't know how to go about trying to turn him around. any ideas anyone.

dob 28/12/05

Hi Jess,
Well I've got a different story to everyone else so far.
My son's 19wk scan showed a low laying placenta, so I had to have another one at 34wks. He was one of those 1-5% whose placenta didn't move up and we were booked in for a ceaser at 37wks. My son came out perfectly healthy. I lost about a litre of blood but my son was fine. It was no big drama and I'm glad they picked it up early cause if I'd gone into labour it could have been a whole other much sadder story.

I'm now pregnant again and the scan showed that the placenta is Ok with this one so hopefully I can deliver this one naturally.

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