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Amniosense Lock Rss

I have felt the last couple of days like i may be leaking amniotic fluid although i'm not really sure thats what it is? Ive been doing a bit of research on the internet about it and how to tell if thats what it is. I come across a site for a product called amniosense - its a pantyliner that you wear for up to 12 hours, that has a removable indicator strip. Anyway after the 12hours you remove it and place the indicator strip in a plastic box that is provided and wait 10minutes for a result - much like a pregnancy test. Then if it turns green/blue its amniotic fluid, or if it stays yellow its just urine. The website is for the U.K and says it is available at chemists. I cant find anything for Australia though. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of it, or used it, or if anyone knows where i can get it? Is it in Australian chemists??

Not trying to scare you but if you think you are leaking fluid i'd suggest that you ring or go to your doctor or the hospital and have it checked out, they like to get you on antibiotics within 24hrs to reduce the chance of any infection if your membranes have ruptured and you dont go into labour.

Thats what happened with me anyway as i didn't go into labour, i had no contractions so i was on antibiotics & leaked fluid for a week before i had my DD.
If you end up going to the hospital wear a pad for a while and take it with you, they can do a swab test of it for fluid (even if it's a small amount) and you'll know straight away.

When are you due?

NSW, DD May 05 grin

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