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totally feaked out!!! Lock Rss

hi everyone

well, last night i attended my first birth preperation class and the topic for the evening was 'Labour and Birth'.

I've been reading alot about labour and birth lately so i didnt really learn anything i hadnt already read or been told about. I did learn how to pronounce episiotomy properly though. And about the pain releif options available at my hospital.

I was totally freaked out though by the video we had to watch of three different womens births. The first one, the lady just had some gas and needed forcep delivery. The second one, well her labour went for hours and hours and then she had an epidural and required an episiotomy. The third women spent alot of her labour in the shower and then had the baby naturally - no other pain releif or anything. Im totally freaked out by needles and not real good with blood so for alot of the video i found myself looking away.

At the time of the classes i wasnt really that freaked out, but when i got home and started going over what i had just seen and been told, i started to worry myself. I couldnt really sleep and when i was sleeping - i was dreaming about how awful it was.

I am a real big sook when it comes to pain and needles and blood and well you just have to say the e word (episiotomy) and i want to hide under the bed! Im also really worried about pethidine too. Alot of people in my family are alergic to it and i've never had it before, so what happens if i have some sort of reaction to it while i'm trying to give birth!? That cant be good!

Anyway I've tried to talk to my boyfreind about it and he just says not to worry about it and not to stress. So i dont know whether he was watching the same video i was, because how can i not stress!!

I know everything will probably be fine and i'll be in good hands, and all this stress is probably not needed or any good for me now. And people give birth everyday and alot of people even go back for more, so i'm sure its not that bad. but i just cant stop thinking about it!

Has anyone else felt like this???


I have given birth twice without drugs other than gas and I would have to say that I dont know how I got through it but I did and you will too.

When you get into labour everything you learned goes out the door and NO two womens experiences are the same. So dont take to heart someone elses labour because with your labour you are in control. NOT THAT it feels like it. LOL

And really the pains not that bad..... NO IT IS WORST lol. Dont think about it til you are there.

I would keep away from birth videos til after yours then they will be the most amazing movies. LOL

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Hey There,

I had my 1st baby 10 weeks ago 10 days late and had to be induced and ended up with no pain relief.

But labour really is different for everyone. When you are in labour it just happens. I know when you think about it now it freaks you out and that is completely normal. I read so many books and magazines and went to antenatal classes and basically knew everything but I still sat there when it was close to my due date thinking how the hell am I going to do this? I know its natural and all but I just couldn;t believe that ym body would be capable of doing that. Now after the birth I still marvel at what thr body is capable of.
And I wouldn't worry that much about pethedine. I myself seem to have an allergy to it and although I didn;t get the chance for any is up to you if you want to take it or not.
They can;t force you to have it and there is always gas first or an epidural. Trust me, once you are in full blown labour the fear of having an injection (eg an epidural) will be the last thing on your mind.
I wouldn;'t worry bout the episotomy either. They don't do them unless its absolutely necessary and even if they did you would be numbed.

Good luck!
I had 2 amazing natural births, my first was 7 1/2 hours and I only had gas but she was 4 weeks early so pretty small, I wouldnt have the gas again as it made me feel quite sick immedatly after and it really wasnt as painful as I thought it would be.

With my second I was in labour for 1hr 10mins and my midwife let me have full control, I had no pain relief and was allowed to go with the flow, push when I wanted and I knew she was crowning before anyone even told me, the contractions were quite painful as they were 2 mins apart from the start so I didnt really get a break inbetweeen, but the pain was forgotten as soon as I held her, i didnt even realise the midwive had given me an injection to hurry up the placenta (which I asked for).

I would give birth again tomorrow if I could, I love brand new babies lol.
I guess I am really lucky to have had such wonderful expierences.

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