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The larger the baby the harder the labor??? Lock Rss

I've had to previous pregnancies, both natural born with no drugs. 1st baby was 6pound the 2nd 5pound 7ounces. But during my pregnancy i was a pot smoker n occasional drinker.
i'm now pregnant with my third and not smoking nor drinking during my prenancy, Will the baby be larger?? And will me labor be longer and more difficult???

amanda nsw mum of 2 preg with 3rd

it will possable be larger but it doesn't mean the labour will be longer or more difficalt, my biggest baby was the easiest and she was 9lb 10oz i didn't need any drugs i didn't tare and it only took 6 hours from the first contraction,
the things you do before you go into labour can help for a quicker and less painfull labour aswell as the positions you use while in labour.

Congrats on getting rid of the pot habit, my dh has had a tough time but has been clean for about 3 months!

N e way, Our first was 8lb 15oz and only took 7 hours. I had gas and peth. This time around we have been told to expect over 9lb. So hoping it will be a similar labour length.
Good luck!
Hi Sharlan

My first baby was 9 pound 4 and i smoked cigarettes during my pregnancy never did any drugs or drank. I am pregnant with my second and i haven't drank or smoked or anything and the doctor reckons she wont be as big as my son but the baby is above average size. So i dont think it necessarily means that you will have a large baby if you dont smoke or anything.

Hope this helped

Danielle, Vic
It is a myth that the larger the baby the harder the baby!! you have proven that a baby will fit through your pelvis, relax, enjoy the pregnancy... no worries!! smile smile

Qld Mummy, 22 month baby boy, 1 MC 11 weeks

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