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What do you classify as NATURAL BIRTH Rss

While i was in labour i just kept thinking i will be soon meeting my baby, its coming, its coming etc and that got my mind off the pain. At times i thought just give up and have drugs but i kept saying I'll wait 20 mins before i make my decision and before i knew it, Neena was there, try to hang in there, it will be over before you even know it!!!
You'll be fine! Keep us posted!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

Picture yourself stuck on a deserted island...this is a natural interventions such as forceps and no drugs such as an epidural.

From the woman that had a Gas, Pethidine, Epidural & C-section Baby. I'd do it again in a second (and I'm known for the girl that refuses any drugs even Panadol and herbal remedies)

Daniella, Sydney, 15 month old

i would say no intervention no drugs etc . counts me out my 1st birth stared all natural using hypnosis, aroma therapy then i took all the drugs on offer & ended with a csection had 2 more one the following year then no3 the next year but had elective c sections

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Natural to me means you delivered your baby vaginally, with no assistance (forceps etc).

However my first girl I had an epidural as we had gone all day and she didn't want to come out. My second daughter though, I didn't have time for drugs of any sort. She arrived in 3hours.

I think no matter what you have planned or whatever drugs you take, it is still a natural birth if you deliver your baby vaginally.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Well I had Pethadine with my oldest son just before I had to be cut. With my youngest son I had Pethadine too but they gave me an injection and he was born within the minute and it kicked in on me a few seconds after.
Natural Birth to me is Vaginally too.

Kathy,VIC,Josh 8, Alex 7, Michael 1

A natural birth to me is a vaginal delivery. I think the whole "natural" bit is a bit old hat now. All the midwives & Docs at the hospital where I had my son referred to it as a "vaginal delivery" (v/d-charming haha) not a natural birth.


mum of 1

Hi everyone I was just going through my old post and saw I wrote one when I was 6 months pregnant hoping to have no drugs and use the birthing room. Well my son Joshua was born on the 4th July ( 5 days late but he got me the $3000) and I didnt use the birthing room but Im proud to say I didnt use any drugs either. It was hard work and I take my hat off to all those mums with long labours I dont think I could have done it smile i enden up having a 4 1/2 hour labour.....

Sarah, NSW Joshua born 4.07.04, due 29.03.06

you know what? I thihnk the term natural birth is terrible. So, we have c-section or drugs and suddenly its unnatural?? I don't think so! Mum comes out ok and so does baby, then it's a successful birth.
Our ancestors had "natural birth", and the infant/mother mortality rate was really high. Drugs may not be necessary all of the time, c-sections may not be necessary all the time, but there is no way we should consider these "unnatural" !
Hi everyone,
Natural birth to me is v/d. But I just want to say that I was saying that I wasnt going to have drugs and do you know what I had everything! I was awake at 2:30am with contractions this was the morning of the day I was soppose to be induced 11 days overdue it was the dead heat of Qld summer, I stayed home untill the time I was booked in. I was induced even after my pain all day! I was 5 cms dialted 1 hour after that! I had pethadine which made spew I went down the birth ward sick and in pain by around 12 that night the nurses insisted I have an epidural as I was stuffed just so I could get some rest! I took them up on it I did get rest but the turned it off before I sarted pushing as I couldnt feel contractions! I felt my son come into the world and I forgot everything that had happened! I must say this to though my epidural was a complte stuff up I ended up back in hospital when my son was 5 days old as I had a miragrane since I left which was because of loss of blood between my verdabra I had two more epidurals after that and they were more painful then ever! Sorry its very long but I was scared as hell to but every birth is different mine took 12 hours and the said I was the quietest they had seen, the girl next door to me took 4 hours and screamed the house down! Good luck, just have an open mind you only want a healthy child no matter how the come!

Mummy to 3 Boys

I agree with tose who say that natural birth is a birth v/d regarless of drugs.I have had two natural births the first one was 8lb 10oz with only gas and the second was 10lb 11oz with only gas ,the gas does nothing to help with the delivery or birth it only makes you relax a little bit in between contractions.I am due with my third in April 2005 so I hope all goes as well as the first two.

God luck to everyone!

Cathy,NSW,Kira 6,Luke 5 & Baby Cody 2/3/2005

I classify a natrual birth as an unassisted Vaginal Birth, regardless of drugs. smile

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

For those who are yet to experience birth and are saying NO drugs, please please please keep an open mind about them.

My first two i had gas and pethadine, my last one i had jsut the gas (not enough time for the pethadine).

Drugs are an option for a reason, it doesnt tickle to give birth , and your not a failure if you need pain relief.

I know one lady who spoke to a mum with PND and told her she was a failure in childbirth becuase she needed drugs, you can only imagine how badly that set that particular mother back in terms of recovery from her PND.

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

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