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HynoBirthing Lock Rss

All expecting or soon to be mothers check out HypnoBirthing, I had a 4 hour (first time) relaxed, calm, surrendering labour. My mother (of 4 children) was present and she says she had never seen anything like it, as did the midwife who (barely) participated in the delivery, also a Doula saw it on video and said the same thing. It can be the way nature intended. Don’t listen to all those horrible labour stories and check HypnoBirthing out. Never have i realised the power and benefits of breath control, visualisation and relaxation as i did when i gave birth to my daughter (and i had planned to never having children and had a very stressed start to my pregnancy) do yourself and you’re soon to be born a favour and check it out.
I am not to profit from this. I am just a VERY happy client. If you have problems gaining information contact me at...
[email protected]


Hi Billie,

Where did you birth? What course did you take?

I am looking into it at the moment for my third birth as I would like to try to maintain a sense of self during tranitsion this time.

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

i am expecting my 6th child and would love to try this method but unfortunatly i don't think i have enough time left and i live in the country so i was wondering if u could give me some tips on what to do so i can practice at home.
i know that classes would be better but i would realy appriciate any help from u,this is my husbands and my first baby together and he is scared to see me in pain,trying to make it something he will also enjoy is very important to me.
thank u.


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