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What to wear???? Lock Rss

I know this is probably a strange question to ask, but it has been playing on my mind.

What did you wear when you were giving birth? My 1st DD was a c/s so I didnt have to worry.

Funnily enough, I'm not worried about the labour, just what I'm going to wear??

Hi and goodluck!
I was induced with my first and was given a hospital gown, then when i had him had a shower and put my trackpants and lose top on.


Hi, you can wear whatever you want. I just wore a hospital gown. They are not a fashion statement, but practical and at that point I really did not care.

You might like to choose something that does not matter if it gets stained and something you can easily breastfeed in. The advantage of the hospital gown is that if you decide to have an epi, your back is easily accessible.

I hope that helps

trackies and one of dh's shirts.

Went straight into the birthing room and into the haked the whole time....didn't even notice!
Yeah me too Tam, I was naked with both mine (free and breezy).
When I was in labour my dignity was out the window lol I didn't even think about the fact that I was naked.

I wore a hospital gown too... only problem is if you are walking the halls you need the back to be held closed....

I just had the T-shirt I had been wearing that day as I only just made it to the hospital, DS was born 30 mins later so I didn't have time to changed.
With my 1st i wore a hospital gown as i was induced.
With my 2nd which hopefully comes any day soon im wondering the same thing.. I do have an old long pj top that i will prob wear.

My 1st DD was a c/s also.

Second time round I wore a button up pj top and nothing else.

It got really hot and I wasn't able to take it off as I had a drip in.

Thinking back now I should have just cut it off.

I learnt my lesson.

I was nakies also, got to just before transition I think and apparently I 'ripped it all off' according to DH!! Everyone had seen everything by then anyway, may as well get it all out.. But you can wear whatever you like. I started off in the hossy gown but obviously ended up quite annoyed with it!!
Prue x

I had a hospital gown on which was good cause I was on and off the loo, and in and out of the shower for a few hours. Ended up havina a c/s though. At the time I honestly didn't care what I had on I just wanted the baby out smile
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