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John Hunter Hospital Lock Rss

Hi All

I am due with my first baby in March and was just wondering if anyone is having (or has had) their baby at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, which is where I am booked in. I would love to hear about other Mums experiences there (good or bad). One thing I have heard along the grapevine is that the postnatal midwifes aren't very nice, but I haven't spoken to anyone personally who has given birth there so this may just be a bad rumour (at least I am hoping it is).

Alex (NSW) - DS 20/3/2006

HI, I had my first baby at the JHH in September 03 and going back for my 2nd due April 06. I found the widwives very friendly and helpful, as did my firends who have had babies there..
hi there
I had my baby at the JHH in Nov 04 and am having my second there in July 06. I had Teagan in the birthing centre and all the midwives were great, the postnatal midwives were also great i only came across one that i didn't really like but other then that all was good.
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