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bellys dropped Lock Rss

hi everyone,

just wanted to tell you all, my belly dropped yesterday!!!

im sooo excited. ive been reading that this usually happens 2 to 4 weeks before the birth, in first time mothers, which means my baby will be here sometime between 11 and 25th dec if that is true. breathing has become soo much easier and it so noticable to me how much it has dropped. ive noticed lately i have had alot more energy too which ive read also can happen in the 9th month. i am actually due on 17th jan (according to my ultrasounds at 6wks and 20wks), but if i go by my last period, i am due about 20 dec. so i will not be at all suprised if baby does come early. cant wait to see midwife at my checkup next week so i can ask what they think...

Your a lucky girl angela i hope your baby comes early 4 u now wouldn't that be a wonderful X-mas pressie. I am due on Sat and am sooooo ova it and i am still so high i get bad indegestion every night i think i'm gonna have 2 b induced or go way ova any way. Good luck 2 you hope things go well.

Mumma of 3.

hey there angela

im glad for you that your belly has dropped my belly has dropped too and i thought that i might be going into labour last night but it didnt happen i was soo annoyed i am pregnant with my second baby (my oldest is coming up 2 in december) and im due to have my second one in jan but i dont think im going to hold out that long i have been having braxton hicks for about the last week and a bit and as i get them now there starting to get more noticeble so heres hoping is this your first baby? its so exciting but scary when its yr first tongue but anyway would love to keep in touch

good luck

Renee d.o.b: 7/12/03, Aiden d.o.b: 22/12/05

My belly has also dropped - I am due on the 29th of December ( 4 weeks to go!), will be interesting to see if he does come early (I am hoping he does!) as I really don't want to be still waddling around a week after he's due lol. I have my last Hospital visit this week (tomorrow) and will commence weekly GP visits this week (friday) My antenatal classes at the hospital start on December 12th and finish on the 19th smile

hi all,

I'm 30 weeks tomorrow and my belly dropped 3 weeks ago! This is my second bub! I'm due at the end of feb, but am hoping to go early, my fundal height as of last week was 35cm. 7cm bigger then its supposed to be. Been told if i carry to term to expect a 9 pound+ baby. Bring on early labour!!!!!!

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