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False Labour - Advice Please Lock Rss


Just a quick question really. For about 4-6 weeks after DH and I make love it has been painful (just aching and on and off tightenings). We made love on Wednesday though and from 10pm to 3am I got regular very painful contractions around every 5 to 10 mins. Then I must of finally gone to sleep and apart from being sore and tierd in the morining I was fine. I realise that sex brings on labour - but how am I supposed to know it's the real thing If it can last for five hours and then go away. I am due on 12.05.08.
You should be seeing your doctor on a regular basis now anyway so just find out if bub is ready to go. I guess otherwise I waited until the (show) then my waters breaking with the short contraction span. Keep an eye on movements of bub and if you have any concerns or questions like this your birthing suite should also be there for you considering your so close. They should answer your questions on the phone for you.

I had a false labour last night that lasted 10 hours.

If the contractions aren't getting any more intense its usually a sign that its not the real deal.

Also if they are irregualr it usually means false labour too.
I always say, when it's the real thing, *you'll know*. When they're practice contractions, your body is just 'practising'. When you're really IN labour, it's the Real Deal. So much more intense, painful, all-encompassing, oh-mi-god.

I always prayed I would be one of those women who said, "oh I think I've got a back-ache" and tripped into hsopital all covered in daisies, to find I was 9cm already and the baby slipped out peacefully in 2 slightly uncomfortable pushes.

(this was not the case with any of them.)
good luck! I wish I was pregnant again.

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Sorry to sound like i am rubbing it in but i was one of those ladies who was unaware they were in labour until they took me in for an induction and decided to examine me before beginning and went OH your 10cm and ready to go wanna give me a push!!!! However the down side to this and can you believe 3yr later when i am 1 week away from having my second i am JUST learning now that not only myself but my baby are quite lucky to be alive i had contractions 10min apart for about an hr one night and then they went so i didnt worry and went back to bed. Kept asking the midwives and getting that airy fairy Bulshit answer oh you will know well i didnt and i was left to labour for too long ended up having a two push birth however lost 2.5ltr of blood and my daughter was labouring for too long and there was maconium in the waters no one did anything for us at the time must admit i had a tranee midwife delivering however all the other suposed traned ones should have known better and they shipped me home when i should have been in theater getting treated now i know why i felt so poor after haivng her! If i was you id call your Dr or midwife as i was unaware that my waters had even broken and they can do a test like a papsmear which will tell you if they have or not. I think it is rather silly for them to use have your waters broken or have you lost your plug as a guide as you can quite often not loose these until before you deliver or it can happen on th loo without you even knowing. If in doubt just ask and dont feel like a fool for doing so. Good luck!

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OH god quickasucanbuaby I dont like you go back to your corner.

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Thanks for all the replies. My husband has been working away during the week (more than two hours travel), which is why I find the you'll know when it's happening theory a little bit hard to handle. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to they can check things out. Anyways hopefully my little one decides to come on the weekend, then their daddy will be there.
Hi I went to see my doctor today and it turns out that I am five centimetres dilated. I did ring my midwife last week and got the response that when I'm in labour I'll know. Now I'm wondering if I was in labour and it died out for some reason and does that mean that my baby is okay? The doctor said that the baby could come at any time - but why hasn't labour started again since last week? It's all very confusing.
Howdy! Please don't stress about it...Your body is doing exactly as it needs to. It is a really common misconception that labour has a starting point. False labour - is still labour, it just has a crap name.... call it prelabour if you like. It is your body preparing itself. I mean - if your 5cm dilated your halfway there!! You can hardly call that false!!

Labour can stop and start - and stress is a good cause of this. One of the reasons they tell you to labour as long as you can at home is because often labour slows down when you get to hosp.
It sounds gross - but think of it like your doing a poo and suddenly 10 people walk in and shine a torch on your bum. obviously you are going to feel a little vulnerable and tense up for a bit, slowing everything down.

Realistically - labour can go on for a week or more (sometimes we know about it, sometimes we don't) sometimes it is in short bursts, sometimes it isn't. But needless to say - it is releasing all the right chemicals and preparing everything ready for the more intense stuff. Think of it like a long warm up.....
All this stuff is very very normal - but not as common now because so many people get induced early or don't get a chance to go into spontaneous labour because the baby is later than the due dates we set. That is why it is quite uncommon for it to be acknowledged as normal.
Many people confuse feeling a bit off, being a bit achey etc with the last days of pregnancy (which it obviously is) but in actual fact they could be in prelabour.

So please, just relaaax and trust your body. I know it is really annoying being part of a waiting game, but use the time to have time out with yourself and your partner. Bubs will be here before you know it! The other thing is if going into labour is all your concentrating will feel like forever as well as probably slow it down if that makes sense. You know...the whole a watched pot never boils. Relaxing makes everything work so much smoother and faster.
(This goes for the birth as well.) Just surrender to the whole process and you will amaze yourself!

All the best with everything!!!
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