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DUE TODAY****** Lock Rss

Hi there ladies I am due today I am so excited I can not wait to meet my little bundle of joy. BUT I am SSOOOOOOOOOOOO over it. Being hot having fluid and being sooo hugely fat. PLZ help me ladies I want all your advice on self induction I do not want to b induced in 10 days i really would like to go into labour myself. I am aware of all the basic techniques for induction and have been doing those ( nipple stimulation, Lots of sex, raspberry leaf tabs, dancing around , standing up quickly). I need more ideas PLZ it would b much appreciated.

Mumma of 3.

HAHA sounds like you are doing everything you can! smile
Some people say take castor oil but others say DON'T it is bad!
Just keep doing what your doing but remember....your baby will come when it is ready to, if not it will be induced. I always wanted mine to come 2 weeks early, instead I ended up being induced 10 days late despite doing many things to try bring it on. When they induced me they said she was still nowhere near ready to come out.

Anyway good luck with it all and I hope your baby comes Very SOON.

Take care

No! Don't take castor oil! It is the biggest load of hogwash that was ever invented! My girlfriend did this and she said she spent the next day feeling like utter [email protected] Which on top of being very pregnant didn't help her at all!
Hope you go soon and good luck! Don't forget to let us all know what your new bundle of joy is like!

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hi there

well the only word of advise that i have is that i have been told that eating fresh pineapple can help, im not sure if it worked or not but with my little girl i had accupuncture and went into labour that night other then that just like you said loads of sex walking nipple stimulation and all that other stuff that works for some but not others

anyway take care hopefully you go into labour soon and good luck

Renee d.o.b: 7/12/03, Aiden d.o.b: 22/12/05

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