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Caeser under general anaesthetic Rss

hi mandy,

i hope your feeling ok, a few days to go. i had a caesar under general with my daughter due to pre eclampsia, the anathesiest couldnt get the general in after three attempts so they put me under.
im sure everyone's experiences are different but the one thing that i'd recommend is to get someone to take video or photo's of when you first see your bub.

i can't remember the first few days of her life because of the drugs and i cant remember the visitors either. that would have to be the most upsetting part of the experience. other than that the recovery went well, try and get up and about as soon as possible and maybe ask people not to visit until you are feeling well.

i was also very sick, vomiting from the drugs for a few days as well and got off them as soon as i could.

as well i was holding alot of fluid, i brought larger size pj's in to hospital and they didnt fit, i still felt pregnant for a week or so afterwards.

the body is an amazing thing and recovers so well. you'll be fine and the most important thing is the health of you and your baby.

good luck

hope that helps - a few things i wish id known


bella, 03/03/04, baby 2 due 07/05/05

thanks shell
sorry it took a while to reply to your message. I was in hospital having my caesar.My little one decided to come early and still breach.Had show on thursday the 30th november and doctors didn't wait the gave us a emergancy caeser.They tried to talk me into epidural but my husband and i wouldn't let them. We were very luck as the midwife male nurse knew my husband and pulled strings to get him the operating theater. So my husband was over the moon they pull my little buddy out feet first with his back to dad.The nurse told my husband he was a boy apparently my husband was bit overwelmed and very proud. We named him Joshua Paul. I didnt really feel any paqin afterwards so didn't take any pain relief for the first three days but have just taken bit nurefon very so often .well have to go my little mans crying
hi mandy,

congratulations - i'm so glad you're both well and how fantastic that your husband was in the operating theatre.

hope all goes well and that you're enjoying your little man,


bella, 03/03/04, baby 2 due 07/05/05

hi mandy,

sorry it's been a while. ive been working a day or two a week and we've been busy building a deck out the back. our lives are manic, my husband is on a mission to complete the back yard before the end of january. Luckily im in the secnd trimester and feeling almost normal.

im so glad to hear that Joshua is doing so well. he must be about 8 weeks now, it goes so fast doesnt it. hope you're getting some sleep, is he sleeping through yet, or 6 hours, i remember when bella first did that it was great. 7 pounds 9 is a good size i think, bella was seven.

it's so interesting when you have the baby and you think all of those books and antenatal classes were a waste of time, as nothing ever goes as planned. i think they're just there for reassurance. and breastfeeding is great, but it's like there's no other option. it took two stressful weeks to start feeding bella, my milk came in the day she was due. no one even gave me the option of bottles, and i was too overwhelmed to consider my options.

enjoy this amazing time with joshua, take lots of photo's, have fun


bella, 03/03/04, baby 2 due 07/05/05

hi shelly,
am glad to hear you are feeling better.Hve you found out what sex the next little bundle of joy is or are you going to keep it a suprise. Josh is going well he has learnt to wrap mummy around his finger, am just in the process of tring to correct that it is hard. well theres my cue to jump off Joshua wants us talk soon mandy
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