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Antenatal Care.. How do you choose??? Lock Rss

Hi. We have gone private for our prenatal care but will be public for the delivery. We are classed as a high risk pregnancy due to expecting twins so basically have to see an obstetrician. For the delivery our hospital does not have the option of going private, and because we are in the country adn not close to any other hospital we will be public. It is nice to know though that an actual obstetrician, not a registrar(learning doctor) will be present for our birth due to high risk.
I have friends who went theought the antenatal clinics and they had no problems. The service was quite good.

After much confusion it looks like my choices are really quite limited!

I have contacted my local private hospital and the estimate costs they gave me if I wanted to give birth there without private cover was astronomical! I don't mind spending money, but this was ridiculous! So, that option is crossed off the list without a second thought. I will however lool into private cover so I have this option in the future.

Secondly, I contacted my local public hospital to make an appt to look around. It took them 4 days to get back to me but now I'm booked in.. for 6 weeks time! Just to look around! They also said they are booked out in January (when I'm due) so I don't have an option, the only thing available is a group of community midwives. What is community midwives? I am so surprised January is already booked for one on one midwife care. I am a little angry at my GP for not encouraging or even mentioning that I should try and book into a hospital when I saw her weeks ago. I could have at least had choices!! I really believe there has to be a better way to educate first time mums on this whole area of pregnancy and birth. I have to admit, I have felt like I have been kept in the dark and if it wasn't for this thread I would be even more clueless!

1stTimeMamma, what have you decided to do?

Sorry about my rant, I am just feeling a little annoyed at the moment.. It will pass.. : ) x

Where bouts do you live hun?
Wow Dolce81, you have kind of scared me. My dr has put me into the lottery for the RBWH birthing suite (which they draw at 16 weeks)plus a referral for the Brisbane Mater if that doesn't go to plan. But I haven't heard anything since. I will call on Monday to check about it. I have been holding off on some of this stuff until the NTF scan and ensuring if everything is okay before getting insanely organised. I can't believe they book up so quickly!
It is a little crazy isn't it 1stTimeMamma! I thought I had all the time in the world considering I hadn't even reached the end of the 1st trimester when I was making enquiries so it came as quite a shock to learn I was too late to have choices. It sounds like you have done all you can at this stage so I wouldn't worry yourself. At least you have a back up plan just incase.

I don't know if the issue I have had to face with the hospital being booked out is only the case in the area I live in but it seems that as soon as people get a positive pregnancy test they are calling up and booking in!

Mexico Miracle, I'm based on the NSW Central Coast.

I have now changed GP's as I was not getting anywhere with the intial one I saw and the new GP would prefer I did shared care if I can't get squeezed into the Doctors Antenatal Clinic at the hospital due to my previous health problems.

I don't see the midwives until sometime in August so apparently they will do an examination and go from there. I can't imagine that you would be denied specialist care if that is what you really need so I am going to have faith that it will all work out.

Still all a little muddled up, but trying not to stress about it!

We were very happy with the care we receive from our obstetrician and the private hospital. They looked after bub and me really well, and I was very comfortable with everyone involved - I had both my babies with the same ob and in the same hospital.

It's very expensive though if you don't have private health cover - the ob has a delivery fee, which I believe is a few thousand dollars... not entirely sure though because my health insurance covered all of it. The hospital stay is also very expensive without cover if you go in as a private patient, over $600 a night at the one I went to. If your baby needs to be admitted to the nursery it will also cost a lot of money.

I know a few mums who have gone through the public system and have been very happy with the care they received. If there are complications or any concerns for you or the bub I guess a G.P. would refer you to an ob anyway.

Good luck, whatever you decide!

I too live on the NSW central coast and am pregnant with my 3rd child.

Unfortuneately for us the options are very limited unless you have the money.
I would like to encourage you by saying however that if you have medical problems that deem you high risk, speak up because they cannot denie you adequate care for your situation however they wont make this decision until your initial appointment where they take a full history. If you get a good midwife they will take great care and if you dont like there response put yourself and your baby first.

I am 21 weeks and am being taken care of by the MAC team. This is only one or two midwives with easy access to doctors due to a condition with my last child. This is how i was taken care of last pregnancy but my first was by community midwives. That midwive will not be present for your birth tho. I did find this worked better for me as i did not connect that well in quick appointments with the community midwives any way.

If you are extremely high risk after your initial appointment you will only see doctors.

The community midwives are a group of 6 or so midwives where one is presence for your birth, however a long labour and youll see multiple and you will either be on a green or blue team. This is usually done for low risk normal pregnancy.

Also on the Central Coast generally you cant book in until you are practically 12 weeks.

I hope this all makes sense.

If you have any other questions regarding Central Coast health please just ask.


Thanks Angel Babe, your information was very helpful.

My first appt with the Community Midwives is in a few weeks. I'll be 17 weeks. Feels like I've had to wait forever! Do you know if the community midwives will give me a referral for my 19 week scan or should I go back to my GP for that?

My GP has mentioned a couple times that I will proably need a c-section. Do the midwives assess that and let you know or do you just have to wait until you're in labour before a decision is made?

Also, is there an antenatal or birthing class I can attend on the Central Coast? I'm guessing the midwives will let me know about things like that when I see them next month.

Sorry about my numerous questions, I hope you can help smile xx


Is the c-section for a medical reason? I think the majority of hospitals pre-book c-sections on medical grounds, but I wouldn't know for sure as I have never needed one. Depending on the reason, the c-section decision may not be made until you have been in labour, I think it just depends on each individual hospital.

I'm sure that ladies who have had c-sections will be along to answer those.....just thought I'd add my ramblings in, feel free to ignore them. LOL


At your first visit they will give you a form for your scan, if this is forgotten before the end of your appt just ask but should have no problems, tho if you have a preference where you go for your scan make sure you voice that whilst the topic is up.
If you have a preexistiing condition the need for a ceasar will be decided by doctors not midwives, but the midwives will make sure you get the appropriate care from the doctors team. The midwives will decide if you should see the doctor,(not sure of your past medical history but sounds like from how you talk that this will be the case) but remember if you are unsatisfied with the decision you can request to see a doctor. If a C/s is necessary they will prebook but generally not until your atleast 32 weeks do they make this booking.
At your booking in appt. you will recieve information on everything including a small (purple) brochure that details classes. I think they are $50 for HCC holders and roughly $100 otherwise.

I think that is all. Miss 2 is crying


Thank you very much for your information angelbabe.

The ceasar has been mentioned by my GP twice and it is purely due to medical reasons. Although my GP has said I will more then likely need one I am really hoping I could at least try a natural birth. Of course if it’s going to be detrimental to my health or our baby then I won't push the topic (no pun intended). I guess I'll just wait for my first assessment at the hospital in a couple weeks.

I will definitely need to speak with the Doctors Antenatal Clinic at the hospital, my GP said if I can't get in there then she wants me to do shared care (with the midwives) or to get an Obs that works at a public hospital.

I think a lot of my antenatal care will depend on what happens during my visit to the hospital. Would be great to get it sorted that’s for sure! xx

Abudo has a pretty informational course on health education for antenatal mother. The purpose of this course is to educate expecting mothers and their families so that they can take better care of their selves and can give birth to a healthy baby.
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