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GETTING NERVOUS! suggestions plz Lock Rss

Hey Girls I'm going in 2morrow to Hosp 2 b induced (have my waters broken).I was due on the 3rd now 10 days over. Is there any thing anyone can suggest I do b4 2morrow in preparation 4 this. Anything I should in particu;ar pack. I am all ready 2 go but I just want 2 b sure. I am very nervous and anxious. Should I eat in the morn or not? I'm booked in at 7am. Should I b careful of what I eat 2night?? Any suggestions would b great.

Mumma of 3.

First up Good Luck and congratulations!!!
I was induced, my waters were broken, I couldn't eat that morning, too nervous. I didn't do anything different the night before, just went to bed early and made sure I had a long long cuddle with my partner as we both knew this was going to be the last time that there was going to be just the two of us for the rest of our lives.
Make sure you pack a couple of pairs of PJ's as you could end up getting them yukky overnight. ( won't go into details) Also lot's of undies. Don't use all your own pads in the hospital, make them supply you with some. they may not be the most glamourous things, but at least you'll save money.
Get all the help you can get. If you have any kind of question, buzz them and ask them, doesn't matter how stupid it might sound, they surely have heard it all!
Don't go home if you don't feel right. They chucked me out early on day three, with bleeding cracked nipples that I couldn't feed with and so much milk coming in I couldn't handle it. Bad first night at home let me tell you.

I hope I haven't scared you too much and I hope I have helped in some way. Most of all enjoy the experience!

Jo, Emily 2/9/04 & Will 13/5/06

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