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Long and difficult pregnancy and labour...Can anyone help? Lock Rss

Hey everyone! I'm an 18 year old mother of an 8 wk daughter. The pregnancy wasn't took good, feeling sick, sore back, bladder infections, lots of stays in hospital, drips, etc.. I just couldn't enjoy it.
And the labour... OUCH!!! Most of my pain was in my back. I had no parin relief and didn't go into the hospital until I was 8 cm dilated. Tayah (my daughter) had her spine on my spine the whole time and turned at the end and come out on the side which the midwife told me afterwards is the most painful position when pushing. The whole time the midwife was telling me to push harder and I was pushing as hard as I could. When Tayah was finally born the midwife said "Oh, that's why it was taking so long" In the end after 21 hours of labour I held my little girl in my arms and just couldn't believe it. I had no stiches, no hemroids, nothing so all that pain was worth it but I'm just really scared that my next pregnancy and labour will be horrible so I am thinking that I don't want anymore. But I know I do and my partner is going on and on about having a little boy. I know that if I do have more, it'll be in 2 years or even more than 2 years! Has anyone out there experienced the same thing as me? Amber.

My first was a long and difficult labour and the pregnancy was not a lot of fun either, but after a few months it was all but a memory and although I knew it had been hard it did not seem so bad. I am due to have my third baby any day now and although I am scared of the labour I know it will be worth it in the end. My second was a great labour and I was so surprised after only being in hospital a couple of hours when they said she would be born very soon - I had expected to go on for several more hours. Give it a bit of time and I am sure you will be happy to try again.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

been there done that, i was in labour for 52 hours and my son was prosteria as well. i always said i was never having another one!!! im 35 weeks pregnant now! when the tiome is right, and you baby isnt a baby any longer you will natraly want one. im loving the gap that my children will have because my sone will be almost 3 when the new one comes and he is and will be so helpful. good luck and dont blink or you will miss everything!
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