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how to encourage labour? Come out already! 8-D Rss

Heya all
I am due on 16.04.04 with my first. Most ppl thort that i would have the bub early. (not sure y) Still have a chance but that chance is getting slimmer by the day.

Does any1 have ideas on encouraging this lil baby out?
I am taking the red rasberry leaf tablets
Shined a torch and told bub to follow the light (jks)
Has spicey food <-- ol wives tale?
Sex <-- Hubby not comfy with that :-S
Bisk walk <-- Not fun nor did it last long
Nipple stimulation

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

Hello Miracles,

I came on to let you know of some of the things I've heard to help encourage labour but I think you've pretty much covered everything. Except drinking castor oil but who wants to do that anyway? They say that castor oil is a strong laxative which causes powerful contractions of the bowel. But it can also cause painful intestinal cramping and diarrhoea so it's probably not worth bothering with.

Anyway, who knows, by the time you read this, you may have already have had the baby! And if not, good luck for when the time does come around.



hey miracles!! Have you had the baby yet? I just thought since it's 3 days since your post, and you've not posted again, that may mean bubs has arrived!! Would love to know how it all went!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

HI super

No bub not here yet, Tis only Sunday i spose and was due on Friday. But as my hubby says "must be going to b a girl cos all d girls in this family are late" lol

Thanx for your reply. Yes i have heard of the castor oil thing, 2tbs in a glass of juice. I just couldnt bring myself to that YET lol. Tho i didnt know how it worked and about the cramping.


Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

Mornin Brandons mum

Still no lil bubba yet, But i feel tis not far away. Dr will induce me on Tue if no show by Monday, That scares me a lil as i have heard that the labour can be harder (Pain wise)

I have had a few phantom type pains. Resulting in wind mainly. Tho i do feel different today. My legs are a lil achey.

Will keep ya posted

Miracles smile

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

Hi Miracles,

Ooooh, you are so close! Anytime now. Make sure you let us know when, I'll be checking regularly to find out. The waiting must drive mums insane. Still, just try to keep yourself busy and not think about it too much, it'll come when it's ready.



thinking of you good luck! please let s know when you can!

SaM, EviE NoV 03 AnD TuLLy AuG 05

Hey Sam,
I wrote a post to you in another forum but u never replied sad My bub is practically the same age as yours smile Just thought it'd be FUN to chat and compare stories ... Wats your bub up to these days??

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hey all, Sam and super,

Still no bubba to be seen. Dr sed to call him today to arange to be induced 2moro, Hmmf. Typical. He seemed quite unprofessional to me. I dont think he was really sure who i was and sed he would call me back with a time for Thursday! Grrrrr I am so peeved! But I told my hubby that Tues will be the day and he has taken his holidays now, what a waste!

I know tis only a couple of days over and really what is a few days in 40weeks or really from when bub arrives and on. I just at that stage when enough is enough. *sighs.... ah thats a lil better...

Just had to vent a bit there.

I am keeping myself busy, lol by sleeping.

Doc recons try the castor oil thing *gags, i dont think i can lol.

Waiting patiently. Chow for now

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

Hiya Miracles,

It's annoying that hubby has already started his holidays, I hope he has a fair bit of time off. Thursday. That's tomorrow. You are going to be a mum tomorrow. Everytime someone tells me they are really close to having their baby, I get really nervous and really excited for them, no matter how many times I've heard it before.

It's awful when you are not comfortable with your doctor at this important time of your life. It seems like this type of thing happens often, they deal with pregnancies so much that they forget to treat you well. I have always found 'professionals' to behave like this.

I can't imagine you wanting to do the castor oil thing. Without sounding tacky, sex would be so much easier and just as effective.

Well, good luck tomorrow. Keep us posted.



You're a MUM now miracles!! that is, if you did get induced today! I hope everything went well ... can't wait till you get home and tell us all the details!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hey Brandons mum! I'm so sorry i didn't reply,there are so many forums, i forget which ones I was following!
Well Evie will be 6 months next week, I can't belive how fast it has gone! She now has 2 teeth and I am just starting her on solids now.
What about Brandon? My email is, I would love to hear from you!

SaM, EviE NoV 03 AnD TuLLy AuG 05

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