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Episiotomy or Risk Tear??? Lock Rss

Just wanting opinions. For those that are lucky enough to have already had their babies I would like to know whether you would choose an episiotomy or risk tearing. Thought or previous experiences are welcomed.



It's been forever (seems like anyway) since DS2 was born, but from all the research I did I would much rather tear than have an episiotomy. I got threatened with one when I was having DS1 and he was out less than 5 minutes later because I wanted to avoid one at all costs.

Not sure if it will help, but this might make for interesting reading.


I had an episiotomy with my DS (he got stuck) and it was quite painful and hard to sit or walk or get up after the birth, but i think that also had a lot to do with me active birthing in a squat position for over 14 hours.

However I healed up really well within a few weeks and that area did eventually go back to pre-pregnancy condition (it did take a while)

I have heard it is better to tear if you don't NEED an episiotomy for any particular reason.

I would talk to your ob and see what their opinion is!!!!

All the best with your birth
I would rather tear than have an episiotomy. An episiotomy goes through muscle as well as skin whereas tears may just be in the outer layers of skin. Many times that episiotomys are performed - changing the position could reduce the need for this. It is also good to remember you can have an episiotomy and then tear as well.....
I tore with DD and am glad that I didnt need the episiotomy. You heal better with a tear than being cut. Like one of the pp said changing position may help, probably would have helped me as I only tore a little but no way was I going to move!

I had an episiotomy and then I tore as well so who knows which is better. It has taken a long time for me to heal.

Hi I had a 2nd degree tear, healing wise it was fine only a lil uncomfortable for a few days. As other people have said they cut through muscle as well as skin for episiotomy so would prob be more painful and take longer to heal.

Hi there... I had to have an epi with DS (I wasn't asked, I was told I was having one!), as he got majorly stuck. I can't compare it to tearing, but it was a ripper of cut & was quite uncomfortable for a few weeks. If you can get away with just a tear, that seems like the better option but I suppose you need to be open to whatever happens - just go with it.

My thougths are, so long as bubs come out OK, you'll eventually heal, either way.

Hope it all goes well.

I can't compare tears with episiotomies because I've never had an epi - but I have been unlucky enough to end up with not one, but TWO third degree tears!!

I guess with a tear, there is always the chance that you may only have a first or second degree tear.

I am fortunate enough that my tears have healed reasonably well, but in saying that I would never have another vaginal birth. I don't think my perineum would cope!!

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

I am lucky enough to have experienced both !smile

I had an epi with my son (first baby) after 1.5 hrs of pushing. My son was trying to get his hand out as well as his head!!

Needed a couple of stitches and it stung for a few weeks after.

Second time round i pushed my DD out in 20 mintues with a small 1st degree tear (didn't even feel it). Had three stitches and they never bothered me.

In hindsighted if i had pushed on my son the way i did with my daughter i probably won't have needed the epi. But then thats how you learn isn't it smile

episiotomy is what i choose because im young the doctors guessed i'd have probs pushing bub out and i did. i was given a numbing ne;edle so didint get to feel a cut or feel a tear. my friend ended up with third degree tears when she ha her bub and had to rush off to thertre as soon as richard was born. being your first i'd recomend an episiotomy that way you avoid the pain of tearing and the stiches still heal all the same. msg me if you have any more questions about it
lov ashleigh xox

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I remember when I tore (I didn't know until after ds was born) I felt a wider opening and relief and his shoulders and body was born quickly after that. Apparently I tore at his shoulders and my mw was planning to do an episiotomy but I tore naturally though it was only about 2mm away from being the size of an episiotomy cut anyway.
I wouldn't have wanted an episiotomy I knew the chances were I'd tear as he was big and it's all natural.
Either way the stitches dissolve, the pain goes away and you go about being normal again after a couple of weeks smile

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