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Where were you? Lock Rss

When your waters broke where were you?
What were you doing?

Just a tad bored so i thought i would start a post



Mine was very boring, mine broke at the hospital right after i had my epidural and then all i felt was this pop and i was all wet and i asked the nurse if i had wet myself lmao
in the garage writing a history essay
I was at home doing house work at 10:30am. I didn't get the gush though, I was just slowly leaking. I finished my housework, went to the post office, grabbed some lunch with mum and then made our way to the hospital.

Is OVER rude people

lil possum so did u kno ur waters broke? considering u kept doing what you were doing?


mine never broke at all i had slow gushing all week just thought it was pressure lol and then i went into labour by the weekend i went in an they said oh no your water broke ages ago haha

I woke up at 7am, went to the toilet, and on the way back to bed realised that my knickers were damp, so no big gush here either.
Yeah, I was pretty sure. I remember stopping and thinking 'I think I just wet myself' knowing full well that I hadn't. I finished the house work, oh and shaved my legs and then called the hospital. They told me to come in but don't rush.... so I didn' I had some stuff that I had sold on Ebay and really wanted to post it before I went to the hospital. I also figured that arriving at lunch time I probably would be waiting until dinner if they kept me in, so I thought having lunch before we got there was a good idea, and it was too as they kept me in and I had Emily the next day.

Is OVER rude people

#1 DS dr broke it
#2 DS at home just after dropping DS#1 at school
#3 DS at work I thought I was just becoming incontinent, but after having to RUN to the loo my boss sent me home
all 3 in hospital
went to bed, got up and went to toilet, went back to bed and felt a little wet and i was like wtf, as i was getting up my waters broke and yep gushing all the way back to the toilet so of to the hossy we went as i was 3 weeks early

poor df got to clean that one up cause i was in hossy with a new bub....

4am laying in bed

a little piece of advice I read in a book - lay a towel down in bed and on your car seat JUST IN CASE

I thought it wouldnt need it but thank goodness I did it as it turns out I needed it after all!

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