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Is Milk Flow any different after an elective c-section vs labour? Lock Rss

I am having an elective c-section at 39wks next Wednesday 1st Feb for our bub #2, and was just wondering how my milk flow will be since not going through labour etc? I had an emergency c-section with bub#1 and people told me that it takes nearly 7 days, or longer than a natural birth anyway, but mine came in the gallons on day 3 or so. I never had a problem with quantity of milk or feeding etc and fed her until she was 13mths and only stopped because of a dairy intolerance etc.

But since I won't be going into labour to release any hormones etc this time, I wasn't sure how my boobs would react - unless its once bub is actually suckling to stimulate the let down etc?

Can anyone shed some light on this, either from previous experience or just motherly instinct?

Thanks! Its a bit of a silly question, but I just had to ask to put my mind at ease!

Karen, FNQ, Danika (May 03), Jarrad ( Feb 06), Ama

I have had two c-sections and had no probs either time. Although first time had attachment issues but milk was there. Second time my boys were in hos for 6 weeks and tube fed so I didnt actually feed until around 3 weeks for only a few sucks but expressed on first day, no real probs with supply.

Hope all goes well for you.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi, I've had both a 'natural birth' and an elective c-section, and my milk came in with both of them on day 3 with no worries. Only prob with feeding after c-section was pain in sitting up and had to have a pillow over the incision so bubs wasn't putting to much pressure on it.
I don't knowhow/why the body knows to produce milk but it does. I had no problems and no delay in milk supply at all.

Hey Karen,
No it doesn't make any difference as when they take away the placenta the hormone is still released and so it does exactly the same job!!!
Hope i have helped!
Good Luck!!!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

Hi, this reply is probably too late but, i had a caesarean at 41 weeks. My milk was flowing really well after 2 days, according to midwives etc, milk usually comes in at 3 - 4 days after the birth ,don't think it takes any longer than 4 days. just as well too, hospitals usually want you out after 4 days so you would hope you had the feeding thing down by then.

Your body will know when to let the milk down, your hormones change straight after birth, even with monthly's your body knows what to do straight after bubs is born.

hope it helps!

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