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Panadeine Forte? Lock Rss

Can you take Panadeine forte at home while in labour? or is it unsafe for baby? Has anyone self medicated like this?

Panadeine Forte has codeine in it, which is unsafe for babies.

You could use a heat bag, massage and distraction while in labour to take your mind off of it. I would check with the hosp before taking any medication while pregnant or in labour.

All the best!
When I had severe headaches earlier in my pregnancy (and my previous pregnancies), 3 different doctor's told me I could take Panadine (which has codeine) but not for a prolonged period of time (I think for only 24 hours with the recommended dose). So unless all 3 doctor's are wrong (the most recent is my Obstetrician) I believe codeine is ok. I would definitely check with your doctor or midwife though. Panadeine Forte has a larger amount of codeine than Panadeine.
Btw, Codeine is classed as a Category A drug so safe during pregnancy. The only thing I have read is not to take it during labour if your baby is pre-term. Again, check with your doctor and good luck!
[Edited on 19/09/2008]

My dr also told me codiene is safe during pregnancy. I just thought maybe it was different during labour.$File/swcpanaf.pdf

I just found this fact sheet. LOL shouldnt of looked before starting the post but i got lazy. Said that if used during labour baby may have withdrawl effects.


I also found respiratory distress. There is a lot of info saying bf mothers shouldn't take it, so I usually apply that sort of thing to pregnancy as well.
I like to listen to the experts who have spent years at university studying their profession. I trust my Ob 100% and if he tells me something is safe to take then I believe him.

By the way, when I had my last baby I was offered and took panadeine after the birth for pain relief and I was breast feeding. Were the doctor's and midwives at the hospital wrong to offer this medication to me? I think not.

Its don't need to get defensive, I wasn't having a go or anything. I was just answering the op with my take on things. : )
That's great that you trust your ob 100%! I am just one of those people that likes to investigate it myself in addition to considering a health professionals advice.
All the best!
I was given forte at 25 wks when i had the flu. I was in hospital i was that sick with it and forte was the best thing they could give me to help with my cough etc.

I was also given forte after i gave birth because being #6 they anticipated bad afterbirth pains and my goodness they were worse than bad. I was breastfeeding and they wrote me up for them to have as soon as i had her. I took them cos i definately needed them. My GP has since said to me though that forte can affect your milk supply, so thats something to keep in mind.

But both times i have been prescribed forte by my OB so it must be quite safe. The only thing i would think twice about having forte during labour is how sleepy it might make you.

Hope this helps.

Kristi grin

Hi there like the others 3 of the doc at my gp practise say its safe as when they prescribe it, it will come up with a warning on the computer if it isnt and also the ob at my hospital prescribed it! (get bad migraines) i did it with DS1 and have the same trouble this time DS1 was fine! but as the others state i am unsure during labour??

Good luck

hi- just a quick heads up for those interrested- codeine is perfectly safe in pregnancy- this is coming from a pharmacist. The only issue in pregnancy is the constipation (only because its already a problem when you're pregnant smile

The question of can you take it in labour is-i'm not sure-simply because they give you stronger opiates (pethidine is a stronger form of codeine simply speaking)

HOWEVER MUMEE2B if you are feeling nervous about self medicating (and drowsiness might be a factor- depending on how well you tolerate it) i would either call your dr/midwife and get direction from them- they are the experts smile OR else call Mothersafe- a drug helpline run by pharmacists through pregnancy and breastfeeding- as they'd also have access to all the latest upto date evidence based information including it's use during labour wink

their number is: 1800 647 848

also see:

hope this helps smile

according to my hospital panadeine forte is not safe during pregancy. normal panadeine is okay. up until recently they would prescribe panadeine forte to expectant mothers (including myself, it made me very very ill, never had an issue with it before preg). but testing and studies have recently been completed and found that it is not safe for use. so stick with panadol or normal panadeine and heat packs!
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