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Evening Primrose Oil for Natural Induction Rss

Hi All,

Just wanting to know if anyone has used evening primrose oil to bring on labour and if so when did you start to take it.

I have a bad back due to a workplace fall and the obs has agreed to do a stretch and sweep at 37 weeks and a full induction at 38 weeks. I would like to avoid the full induction and have heard that evening primrose can help.

Any input would be appreciated.


Hi Bel,

I used it for both of my children!!
DS#1 i started them internally at 39.1 weeks and he was born 3 days later and with DS#2 i started taking them orally at 34 weeks taking 2 a day and at 36 weeks i started them internally using 2 a day. DS#2 was born 5 days early.
EPO doesnt really induce labour it softens and ripens your cervix in preperation for labour. Hence the reason you can start using it at 34 weeks.

Good Luck.

Hi Bel,

I have been given the capsules by my midwife as I seem to have a whooper of a baby and she doesn't want me going over. But I have been told to insert them and have been doing so for 6 days. I can't say yet if they are helping or not but I had strong labour pains every 1/2 hour last night that stoped after 4 hours.

It's realy hard to say if something is helping or not cause who knows if it was about to happen anyway??.. very frustrating!

.. thought it might help to hear what I've had to do
Belinda x

When you say internally... um how do you do it? could someone please fill me in please.
i really dont want to go over with this bub so im planning on trying everything.

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

You need to get them as close to your cervix as possible!!! So in the vagina they go! Easily done yourself or you could get your partner to do it!!
Do it at night lying on the bed just before you are going to sleep as it can get messy if you stay upright and the oil will come out!!!
Put a pad on or a towel under you. I pricked it with a pin but you dont have to!!
Good luck

Where can you buy the capsules? At how many weeks do they recommend you insert them? When I hit 37 weeks (in less than 2 weeks) I will be trying anything to get this baby out. I'm over it!!!

you can buy capsules from most health shops and i think in supermarkets aswell.

so you just shove the whole capusle up there and leave it there????

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

I have some EPO here in my medicine cupboard (not sure why I had them but they don't expire until November 2010!!). They are 1000mg Cold Pressed Oil. They have instructions to take 2 a day (morning and evening) with food. There is no mention of using them as a pessary. As -My-Lil-Princess- said, do you just shove the whole capsule up there? Would I only need one (as they are 1000mg per capsule)? Sorry if these are silly questions!

Hahaha not silly questions at all!!!!

When i was 39weeks pregnant with DS#1 i went into our local chemist!! I knew alot of the staff there personally, i was telling them how over it i was as you can all understand anyway one of the girls went and got the pharmacist and he told me about EPO!! He said it is safe to use internally from 36 weeks. He told me to use 2 capsules each night, to put a pin prick in it as the oil then leaks out and the capsule dissolves quicker.
He said it helps to ripen the cervix in preperation for labour but it wont induce labour unless your body and bubs are ready!! He also said that using EPO makes for a more efficent labour and birth!! Not sure how true that is!! Although my first labour was 4hrs 51mins and second was 3hrs 17mins from very first twinge of pain!!!

EPO is generally used for PMS and dermatitis

The ones you have christinem75 are fine to use. You can use them orally from 34 weeks but they are not as effective, if at all!!
You can get them from supermarkets i used Blackmores Nutritional Oil EPO.

Hope that helps!!!

I am 33 wks and just bought some EPO and also Rasberry leaf tea tablets...I have the tea in the cupboard as well but havent' started it yet wondering if I can safely take any of these yet...

They do NOT induce labour. They will help you dilate but they wont start contractions! They are worth taking though

Becky, i would wait another week for the EPO hun but you can start the RLT tablets now smile

With your amount of weeks, you can insert 3-4 tablets right near your cervix (sitting on a toilet will get them higher rather then lying down) and you can also take 2 orally. Do this before bed. Wear a pad because it can come out! Dont move around too much either. You might need to put a towel down because if it goes on your bedsheets, it will stain.

I started taking them fairly early on because i was trying for a VBAC and i think they really helped me!! I was 3cms dilated by 37 weeks and i dilated fairly quickly towards the end of my labour too smile Good luck!!
Hey Denae...
I am now 35 wks and havent started the EPO yet but am wondering if I should....I had an u/s yesterday and bubby is measuring at 37 wks...also a dumb question but does that really just mean that bubby is big and that really they are just developmentally at 35 wks still...I just don't want to start the EPO if bubby isn't ready many conflicts going on in my head right now...I mean should I start taking EPo orally now and internally in 2 wks or what....are there any risks if I start now...hmmm

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