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Induced - Breaking of Waters Lock Rss

Hi All

I am being induced on Monday morning & my Obs. told me they will break my waters will not need to use gel. Has anyone else had this done (breaking waters no gel) did your contractions start straight away? And was labour quick?


I had my waters broken with DS2 as i was already 4cm dilated. My contractions started almost straight away and my son was born 1hr 15mins later!! In saying that though my 1st labour was only 6hrs from start to finish so i was expecting a quicker labour 2nd time around.

Goodlcuk with it all, you'll be holding your little girl in no time!!

i was induced this way my labour was 4 hours and my contractions started within 10mins after they broke my waters

Wow!!! Thats excellent how quick labour was smile makes me feel a whole lot happier grin I didn't want a long labour just want to hold my little girl. I have heard I will need an epidural for pain cause is really intense when being induced is that what you girls did too?

I had my waters broken, waited 2 hours and nothing. They needed to connect the drip to start contractions, which they will need to do for you as well if they dont start.

I had a 7.5 hour labour, very intense but no epidural

A lot of girls that have their waters broken or they break on their own need to be augmentated/induced with syntocin drip. Contractions dont always start on their own and they wont leave you very long because of risk of infection
i had my waters broken when i was about 4cm diated, and already having contractions... and was terrfied the contractions would come hard and fast after that, but they actually slowed down. I had an epidural a few hours after that, and they put me on a drip to speed up my contractions, and was born probably an hour or 2 later

my contractions did come hard and fast but i had no epidural or anything. I think it just depends on the person do what you think is right. They had a drip in the room just incase i needed it.

My obs did mention they will use drip on me so I will have to wait and see on how my body reacts!

My waters were broken at 7am. Not much was happening by 11am so they put the drip in me and then bubs was out by 12:20 smile

Hope your labour goes/went well!!

i had mi waters broken after being in hospital for 4 days trying to be induced with gel.gel never helped so they decided to break waters..i got mi frst contraction 10min later..they thn gav me the drip 1 hour later and it was all on!

good luck

and yes i had an epi tht worked for 2min!!!i thn strted getting teh cntractions in my back and tht dsnt get numbed so i felt labour pains anyways sad

I have been induced 4 times and only once was the gel used on me, which was baby #1.

I started contracting straight away with all of them after my waters were broken.

Im talking, i wasnt dilated when they broke my waters. I was about 1cm, but having had so many babies, my cervix was able to be stretched to get in and break my waters.

The three labours where my waters were broken to induce me were 1hr 4mins, 3hrs 20mins and 1hr 14mins.

Sometimes i had a tiny bit of the drip to get me moving more but i was definately contracting when this was done.

I hope it all goes well for you.

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