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When I breast fed my 1st son mind u I only did for 5 days. I used Marcalan (I think thats what its called) my nipples were so sore my son never attatched prop and I wld have sml clear blisteres on my nipples when he would unattatch and they wld be flattened SOOOO PAINFUL. Just want some tips on the best nipple cream out there that is gentle on bubs if they happen to consume any. The marcalan was great but is there any better out there?

Also considering nipple sheilds this time round really want to try for longer this time and not give up from pain.

Mumma of 3.

hey there

i had the exact same trouble you had.
i tried the nipple shield, but that did nothing for me.
i keep with the pain, till i couldn't take it anymore, but after i stopped i used some nipple balm to soothe the pain.

i got it for my baby shower and its called earth skinfoods nipple balm.

I use a nipple product called Lansinoh - it's around $20 and it's in a purple tube.

You dont have to wash it off before b/f'ing and can heal cracked skin, chapped lips, nappy rash and all sorts of wonderful things.

It's the only thing I've used for sore nipples - two thumbs up!

Will 6 July 06 - Jaida 19 Sept 08

As above!! LAnsinoh is fantastic & like said no need to wash off or anything can stik bub straight on the boob as its all natural...great for your skin in any area dry/cracky!!
I agree with the 2 posts above! Lansinoh is the best!! I noticed the other day that you can get it in Big W now too! Was pretty cheap from what I remember! I'm going to get some soon to put in my bag!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Yep, I love lansinoh. I had the same problem. You hear about breastfeeding being painful and I used to think (before I experienced it myself) how bad could it really be... but OMG it hurt! Child health nurse put me onto Lansinoh and it gave instant relief and healed the cracks and blisters within a couple of days. I have some packed in my hospital bag this time.

It is quite pricey, but a little goes a long way. I just get the little tube ($6) which is more than enough to see you through the first few weeks. I still have the same tube left over from feeding DS, have bought a new tube for next bub of course. The left-overs make the best lip balm ever, especially when your lips get really sore through winter. Put it on before you go to bed and it is still there in the morning.
I agree with the ladies who have used Lansinoh! I used it some 6yrs ago with DS2. It was fantastic. I will be using it with this bub.

There is nothing more miserble then sore nipples while trying to feed. Just make sure bub is latching on properly. Making that nice wide K mouth. I found a webiste that has a few good videos , one is about sore nipples and feeding. Incase your interested in having a look at the website the addy is

There is also couple of other videos about feeding and how to latch bub on etc. Hope this might help some.

I know they say that if your getting blisters etc... then bub isn't on properly as it shouldn't hurt. But that can be easier said then done. I know!

Good luck
dene75 :0)

Ditto on the Lansinoh... works a treat smile
Lansinoh is fantastic my mw recommended it so I got the big tube. Great for cracked lips after labour also!

Thanks for that girls! I went out and bought the big tube. Do you know if it works as a preventative as well (eg apply after every feed even if your nipples are fine). The reason I ask is because all 3 times that I have tried to BF I have had really badly cracked and bleeding nipples and found it too painful to feed. I am so determined to get it right this time with baby #4!!!

Lansinoh it is then. Cheers girls

Mumma of 3.

Hi chirstinem75

I used the it even if I didn't have sore nipples. It just keeps your nipples in good condition, which is what you want. Especially while BF.

Have you seen a lactation consultant to get some tips. I know in Canberra there is a 1/2 day or day stay you can attend and get advice from lactation consultant while feeding bub, usually its just you, bub and the consultant. This was a free service. I learned about one breast being your ontray and the other your main course, one is always faster flowing then the other, usually the smaller breast, which is your ontray. Just little things like that helped me understand how my breast worked which helped me feed my now 6yr old for 11mths.

Good luck
dene75 :0)

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