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Posted by: christinem75
dene75, I have gone private this time and the hospital I am giving birth at has quite a number of lactation consultants and I plan on taking advantage of that service!!! After 3 babies I have never been shown or given advice on how to breast feed and that is why I believe I failed. I am so determined this time!!! I really really want to BF and I don't want to give up so soon. Thanks for your advice. I think I will apply the cream after every feed to keep my nipples in good condition.

Btw, I was born and bred in Canberra and moved to Qld when I was 15... I miss it....

Hi Christinem75

I lived in Canberra for 20yrs. Guess where we moved to? yep Brisbane in 2004! Its such a small world.
My boys were born at Calvary hosp as was my DH.

Don't look at not being able to BF as failing, you tried your best, it was an experience and you have learned from it. I tried feeding my DS1 but only did it for 4wks and I had to stop to go on medication I couldn't BF on. But like you I was so determined to BF DS2. I was very blessed I was able to for so long. He weened himself off BF, I felt so rejected when he did :0( I think your a very wise women to get advice.

One of the other ladies, Nic repied about seeing a lactation consultant before having bub, this is a great Idea too. I did this with DS1 and found it helpful as well. Totally up to you which way you go either before or after or both. There's no reason you couldn't go before and after. Go before to learn about how your breasts wrk & some latching on techniques and then when you have bub to iron out any little probs you might come across and just to have someone else say 'yes your doing everything right, good job'. Praise goes a long way!

Wishing you all the best with BF.

Paw Paw ointment is also good, you dont have to wash it off before giving bubs a feed either, you can apply it 10 mins before and it has an anesthetic in it along with an antiseptic. It's all natural and comes in a red tub or tube.

thanks ladies,

I love paw paw, it is what I ended up using to clear my hands up after the lansinoh brought them out in a nasty rash, as I stated it worked great on nipples when feeding. But for me it seems that paw paw it is!

twopink, thanks for ur suggestion as well, I'm having a May baby, but if I do see the sun out at all I will be sure to remember!
Lansinoh is fantastic.
If you go into the chemist and ask for wool fat, it's exactly what lansinoh is. I got a 500g tub of wool fat for about $35. A 56g tube of Lansinoh is about $20. Big difference in price for exactly the same thing.
I have been breastfeeding my 13 week old now from day 1, and by 2 weeks had severly sore and cracked and bleeding nipples. I had the creams too, but they were soooooooo sore that i was having to bite down on something when i was attaching her.
I was recommended to use;
Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs

You get them from Big W and the are FANTASTIC!!!!! it saved me giving up on breastfeeding. You dont have to wipe the nipple before a feed and i had them on with breast pads too. i used them for 3 weeks and now not problems what so ever. They cool and create a seal to help nipple heal. within a few days of starting with them i could notice a differance in pain.
I found Lansinoh was fantastic, my nipples were still painful for about a week but lansinoh really helped them heal. It was given to me by a midwife when I had son number 2 (5 weeks ago). It is pure lanolin and perfectly safe for bub, I would apply a small amount to each nipple before and after each feed and before and after showering. I found I only need a pea sized amount. All the best with baby number 2.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Breastmilk is also great for curing conjunctivitis. If bub gets infected eyes just squirt some milk in there! Same goes for blocked tear ducts which my youngest had when he was born!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

LANSINOH the Midwives only told me about it after the damage had been done it helped but my nipples were to far gone with my first bubba. Second time round put it on in labour and just never stopped putting it on and breastfed for 8 months!! I also work in a pharmacy and recommend it to everyone never had any complaints. Best of luck
BF brings out the best in babies but not in mommies. I was totally crampy when I had nipple sores. Having had three kids already, I can swear to the effectiveness of earth angle mama baby nipple butter. It's the best choice for nipple creams if you're concerned about safety.

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