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What should I do next time around?

I had my baby 9mths ago naturally and scored a 3rd degree tear in the process. It was extremely painful everytime I had an examination. Three mths after the birth, because I hadn't healed properly, I had another operation so my doctor could cut and restitch me again. The doctor has given me the ok now but I am still tender underneath.

Just wondering if there are any mothers out there that have had a Cesarean that could fill me in on the pros and cons of a Cesarean birth. I'm not planning on getting pregnant again for a while but just incase something happens, or when the time does come, I'm not sure what to do. They say 'don't have a cesarean because it takes six weeks to get over it'. To me six weeks would've been great!!!

Anyway, if you've got any stories please feel free to fill me in!!!

Thanks heaps
Hi there

I had an emergency c-section 11 months ago. To start off with I was induced but my baby's heart rate dropped really suddenly and so I was whisked off to theatre. I have to say I was pretty relaxed through the whole thing - probably mainly due to the fact I had a really good doctor. Before I had my baby I'd heard all the horror stories about c-sections like you can feel them pushing and pulling on your stomach and the recovery is terrible etc. I'd had an epidural in for a while before and they topped it up just before I went into theatre - I didn't even know he'd cut me open until I heard my son crying. As for the recovery, it wasn't as bad as I'd expected. As long as you take it really easy for the first few weeks you're fine. My husband was home for about the first 3 weeks which really helped a lot. If it all goes the same way next time it wouldn't bother me at all.

One of the mums from our mother's group had a natural delivery and suffered really bad tearing as her baby was over 4kg. Her doctor said in future she will have to have c-sections. She too took longer than 6 weeks to recover and wishes she'd had a c-section.

All the best
Hi Jas,

Thanks for your reply. I've been reading a few other stories about c sections where they couldn't dress themselves or bath the baby for a while but it was the same for me with my tear. At the hospital my husband had to help shower, dry and dress me for a while and I stayed there a whole week. I think maybe next time might be different but I feel like if i'm going to go through pain again i'd rather it were for a shorter period. How long after you baby was born did the pain finally stop? I'm terrified of pain now after my experience.

The first 6 weeks were definitely the hardest - but it wasn't constantly painful, I just had to make sure I didn't get out of bed too fast. The first few days when I was in hospital they gave me voltarin tablets and panadeine which helped with the pain a lot. After about 3 months I could comfortably sleep on my stomach again. The first couple of weeks I was too scared to sneeze as I thought I'd come apart in the middle - I just put my hand on my scar every time I sneezed and that helped. It was about 6 months after the c-section that I felt completely 'normal' again but I wasn't uncomfortable for that whole time - sometimes I would move in a certain way and I'd feel a slight twinge for example. Now you can hardly even see the scar. For my first shower in hospital I had assistance but after that I was fine. I was able to pick my baby up and bath him with no problems. I went home on day 5. My husband had to hang the washing out and bring it in for the first couple of weeks, after that I was able to hang it out and take it off but I couldn't carry the basket. Driving was the one of the biggest pains - they recommend you don't drive for the first 6 weeks, not because of the pain but you don't react as quickly as you instinctively think of your scar first. Of course everyone heals differently, it is major abdominal surgery. My main concern if I do have to have another c-section is it would be hard to run around after a toddler - but as you said you were in a lot of pain after natural delivery. I'm sure some of the other mums here will be able to share their experiences with you as well.

Hope this helps

I had an emergency c-section with my son and I recovered really well. I was really calm about the whole experience and found that I didn't really have any pain afterwards except a bit of stiffness. I was off pain killers before I left hospital and I could do everything that I normally do within 2 weeks. I could drive, lift etc. and therefore it didn't really affect me at all. I know others react differently to this and everyone's experience is pretty unique but just thought I would share my experience with you.

i had a very similar experience to yvette. i am very glad i had a caeser there wa a girl in our ward who had a natural and lots of stiches. 1 day after our births i was moving around a hell of a lot better than her. 7 weeks later i prob still am!!!!!

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy


I had a similar experience to Jas. I got up the next morning and felt pretty good. The only thing I had trouble with was rugging my horses as their winter rugs are quite heavy. I started lifting them at two weeks, which probably wasn't a good idea. I was ok with bub though - could bath her etc ok. I started driving again after 5 weeks and was fine.


Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

I had a Caesar for my son due to lack of progress, I had been taking Arnica tablets throughout my labour and I am sure they helped with my healing from the C-section. I healed fairly fast, was driving again at 4 weeks with my midwife's ok. I am now pregnant with my second child and am intending to try for a natural birth this time, my first child will be 18 months old when this one arrives, and I really don't fancy trying to lift him after a Caesar (all very well Dr saying don't do this, but how do you explain that to a toddler?).
The way I figure it there are risks either way, best option would be to talk to your doctor and see what he/she thinks your risk of tearing would be in your next birth, and whether a C-section would be better in your case.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

I have had 2 vaginal deliveries - so can't say anything about c-sections, but in regards to tearing, I tore with my first, was stitched and was still tender 2 years afterwards - particularly as my second pregnancy progressed.

With the delivery of my second, the scar tissue from the first tear wouldn't give enough for her to come out, so I had to be cut along the line of the first tear - it was the best thing as it healed really quickly (no tenderness by about 4 weeks), and I havn't felt any tenderness since. The cut seemed to fix whatever was wrong from the tear (I believe the doctor actually removed some of the scar tissue which really helped).

All the best.

mum to 2 girls

i have had 3 c sections , i was already 4 a natural birth with my 1st but he had other ideas as wouldnt come out after 26 hours i had an epidural with him and with the other 2 i had a spinal block , which was better but with the 2nd one hubby fainted 2 times as he just had to look !by the time no3 arrived he had recovered enough to even cut the cord! lol . i fpund that i healed well and wasnt in too much pain aftre but the hadrest thing was getting the toddlers to understand i couldnt pick them up

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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